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🌹(He has a daughter, she has a son and they hate each other)🌹

🌹🗣️ Episode 5🌹🗣

Tom's POV 🗣

The next morning 🌥
The sound of a very loud machine woke me up and I couldn't help but go outside only for my neighbor to be using a very stupid land mower which woke me up.

‘Hey can you turn the volume down a little bit?!!'.I yelled and she turned around.

‘Good morning neighbor,maybe you could just shut up and go into your house for a little bit?!'.

Okay that is a good comeback.

‘Look I don't have a problem with you and you don't want to have a problem with me either, I've had a long night and I need to sleep if you don't mind!!'.I said.

‘It's 12pm dude even the world's laziest person is awake at this time of the day'.She replied and I quickly rushed into the house.

What the hell?!!.

How could i even oversleep like that?!!.

‘Oliver?? Oliver I'm....

‘Breakfast is ready dad'.He cut in and I paused seeing fried bacon and eggs with toasted bread on the table as well as coffee.

‘When did you have all the time to make all this??'.I asked as I sat down.

He might be just six years old but my son is a great cook and is very supportive.

‘I woke up early'.He murmured and I rubbed his head.

‘Good job bu—

‘Hey neighbor can you come out a little bit?!! Your stupid sprinklers are faulty!!'.The crazy beauty yelled at the top of her voice and I rolled my eyes.

I opened the door a little bit and peered outside only for me to see my sprinklers spraying water everywhere and she was part of it.

‘Do something!!'.She yelled as she wiped off the water off her face leaving an amusing grin on mine.

‘You know why sprinklers are on?? It's to keep the pests away'.

‘Well then it should probably keep your sorry ass away then!!'.She screamed and before I knew it she opened her water hose and blasted me with it.

No she did not just do that to me!!!.

‘Eat water you bastard!!!'.She laughed out heartily and I grabbed my own water hose and turned the water to the highest volume.

‘You wanna play dirty?!! Then we'll play dirty bit*h!!!'.I said and sprayed her with it only for two cop cars to stop in front of the house.

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