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🌹(He has a daughter, she has a son and they hate each other)🌹

🌹🗣️ Episode 32 🌹🗣

Iris's POV 🗣

‘ have cancer?? Please tell me it isn't true Peter,tell me it's not true'.I grabbed his shirt with tears dropping out of my eyes.

He might be a monster but he is still the father of my child and Sofia can't grow up without her father??.

What if she starts asking questions??.

‘I...I just want a second chance with you before I die Iris.I messed up and lost the two most important things in my life which are my daughter and wife and I want them back again'.He started crying and I pursed my lips.

What do I do now?

‘Do you want to maybe pick her up from school?? I'm kinda busy and she might want you to pick her up'.I forced myself to say and he hugged me dearly.

‘Thank you for accepting me back Iris'.

‘I haven't accepted you back Peter,I'm just cutting you some slack and please don't make me regret it'.I whispered and he nodded as he walked away.

Oh God don't make regret this.

Please don't make me regret this.

Tom's POV 🗣

I drove Mila to the house and when Oliver saw her he wasn't too pleased.

‘What is she doing here??'.He asked in a whisper.

‘Momny is going to be staying for a while okay?? She just wants to spend some time with you that's all'.I replied and ruffled his hair with my hand.

She offered to make dinner and I proceeded outside to fix a leaky pipe when I spotted Iris's husband coming out of the car with Iris and Sofia.

What the hell?!!.

‘Iris what is going on here?!!'.I stormed over and she turned around sharply.


‘He's the same man who beat you to a pulp and you're just gonna let him back into your life like it doesn't matter?!'.I yelled and she scoffed.

‘Says the man who accepted his psycho wife back..don't be a hypocrite and get out of my way Tom'.

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