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🌹(He has a daughter, she has a son and they hate each other)🌹

🌹🗣️ Episode 27🌹🗣

Iris's POV 🗣

A little grunt escaped my lips as Mr Romero winked at me for the third time few minutes after Tom helped him take his bags to the restroom.

‘Kids lunch is ready!!'.I called out to Oliver and Sofia who were playing right out the back.

I handed their plates over to them and after thanking me they both went into Oliver's room to eat.

‘So where did you meet your wife Tom??'.He asked.

‘At the club'.

‘At the court'.

We both replied with different answers and I pursed my lips.

‘Sorry he meant at the court club,it's a place where I used to bartend when I was younger'.I managed to save the situation.

’Ohh really?? And you say you're a lawyer??'.

‘Yes I am'.

‘What type of a lawyer are you Iris??'.

‘Business lawyer,I help my clients get out of contracts and lawsuits'.I muttered lightly as I bit my broccoli.

Please let this man stop asking these goddamn questions.

Why did I even agree to doing this in the first place??.

‘So Tom what do you like about your wife?? What intrigued you at first??'.He diverted and I had to roll back my tongue so as not to insult the hell out of him.

What is wrong with this man??.

‘Uhmm well she was feisty at first and we argued a lot...she once broke a bottle on my head but her passion was what drew me to her,she's an amazing woman really'.Tom explained and the way he said it almost made me believe that it was true.

‘And back you you Iris why do you—

‘Why all these questions if I may ask sir?? I mean you should be talking about business with my husband should you not??'.The words just rolled out of my mouth and as a result of that Tom stepped on my toes.

‘Shut up'.He whispered and i so badly wanted to leave but instead I sat there muffing the pain.

‘Well that's a very smart question.You see Iris I'm a family man and my other associates would tell you that I have a very unique way of handling my contests,a functional family produces a functional man and this is why I'm asking all these questions'.He explained and my brows perked up.

This is still a very stupid reason for all this and I don't like him already.

‘Two days Tom not two weeks,two days and I'm out of here'.

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