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🌹(He has a daughter, she has a son and they hate each other)🌹

🌹🗣️ Episode 23🌹🗣

Iris's POV 🗣

Minutes later 🗣
‘Tom are you okay??'.I asked as Tom gulped down his fourth beer.

‘Yeah I'm just tired that's all'.He grunted and my brows perked up.

‘Just tired?? Dude you're literally getting drunk and you're just tired??'.

‘Go to hell for all I care'.He got up from his chair and I scoffed loudly.

Just when I thought our neighborly relationship was going great... Boom!!! He decides to ruin it by being a jerk.

’You know what?? I just can't with you right now so just get in the car so I can take you home'.I said but he shook his head vigorously.

‘Oh God can we not do this now??'.

‘I just want to drink and waste myself'.

‘Tom there are two six year olds and you want to stay here getting wasted?! Well that's up to you muchacho but I'm going to get my daughter and if you're not interested suit yourself!!!'.I yelled at the top of my voice when I turned to leave he grabbed my hand.

‘Tom what are you doing??'.

‘Has anyone ever told you that you're a jerk'.

‘Well you're acting like one right now,that's a little hypocritical coming from you Jack'.I sneered and when I was sure he wasn't going to let me go I took another alternative.

I quickly grabbed a bottle and smashed it on his head which sent him straight to the ground.

‘What the hell Iris?!! What was that for??!'.He cried out and I laughed at him hysterically and not caring about the onlookers.

‘It means hey your head in the game and don't mess with me next time,you'll regret it and that's a promise'.

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