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🌹(He has a daughter, she has a son and they hate each other)🌹

🌹🗣️ Episode 21🌹🗣

Iris's POV 🗣

‘Jesus Christ you could've just yelled at her instead of the hose'.Tom said as we both went into my house and I shrugged.

‘Less talking more action that's what I just like and nothing else'.

‘Well thank you anyway'.He muttered and I nodded,poured a cup of coffee for him and gave him to drink.

‘Care to explain how you married a bit*h like that??'.

‘Well she wasn't an actress when I met her.She was just bartender in the Boom club I always went over to. We would usually talk about how the system was failing us and our visions—She always wanted to be an actress and I was already an architect before I got my own construction company'.He stated and I urged him to go on.

‘I finally asked her on a date and she agreed.Two months of dating and I finally asked her to marry me because I was so in love with her beauty,charm and charisma more than anything.She agreed and we got married in a small town church.Moved over to New York and started a family there,she so badly wanted to start acting and I couldn't help but support her dream so i signed her up for an acting class and got her an agent for her birthday present,she was so happy when that happened and when she landed her first big box office role everything changed—She began to come home late,nagged at everything I did and how I looked whenever we left the house'.

‘Ouch,but you have sense of style right??'.

‘I was a leather jacket and jeans man Iris, not a tuxedo and bowtie man which she wanted me to be ..I mean who always wants to dress good for the paparazzi??'.He feigned a chuckle but I could see the pain in his eyes.

Peter always wanted me to dress sexy and really show my skin whenever we were going out with his friends but that wasn't really my style.

And besides they always called me ‘Sexy Iris' behind his back.

‘So what happened then??'.I asked.

‘To cut the long story short when she came home I found her on our matrimonial bed with another co actor of hers'.He replied.


‘Yeah it's really ouch,I was so hurt and I wanted a divorce immediately but when I found out she was carrying my child which she didn't really want I decided to hold on.I had to change Oliver's diapers and bring him with me to work while she just went out partying with her other famous friends,they don't even know she has a child but who cares anyway....I finally ended the marriage'.He shrugged and I raised my mug to him.

‘Cheers to failed marriages and jerks who we once married'.

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