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🌹(He has a daughter, she has a son and they hate each other)🌹

🌹🗣️ Episode 18🌹🗣

Tom's POV cont'd 🗣

Iris walked away from me and all I could feel was embarrassment.

‘Hey!!'.I called out to her but she ignored me and slammed her door before I could even run towards her

‘Daddy were you going to go on a date with Sofia's mom??'.Oliver asked and I feigned a short laugh.

‘Hell no!! You know how much I dislike her Olly and besides I'm not really in the mood for a date right now'.

‘But you—

‘Okay!! That's enough young man and before I forget you have homework to do so get to it okay??'.I turned him around and took one last glance at my neighbor's house before going inside mine.

I don't know what's wrong but I think I hate her a little bit less now.

Iris's POV 🗣

The next morning 🌥
I heard car honking from outside and quickly slipped my robe on.

I rushed to see who it was and to my own dismay it was him—my worst nightmare and the man who beat the hell out of me.


‘What are you doing here??'.I asked as I slammed the door behind me and walked over to his new sports car.

He was rich so he loved the lavish life more than anything.

‘Well I have visiting privileges don't i?? I came to see Sofia'.He replied and I scoffed loudly.

He might be more handsome than ever but still doesn't mean he gets to see my child.

‘I gave birth to Sofia in the bedroom and all by myself just because you wouldn't even leave your party and come help me and you're saying that you want to see her?? Jesus Christ Peter you don't even come to her birthdays!!'.I yelled.

‘Well you can't—

‘The court said you can visit only when you have a sobriety clean out and judging from the way you look right now?? You pretty much drove yourself while drunk'.I cut him short she he raked his hands through his hair.

‘You're a bit*h,you know that right??? You are a wh*re and a—

‘Don't speak to the lady like that'.Tom stepped forward out of nowhere and I smiled.

‘Thank you'.I whispered and he nodded.

‘She doesn't want you to see her daughter and until you get a court clearance please don't come here cause I've got a Jack saw and I don't mind using it on that pretty boy car of yours'.

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