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🌹(He has a daughter, she has a son and they hate each other)🌹

🌹🗣️ Episode 17🌹🗣

Iris's POV cont'd 🗣

‘Jesus Christ Renee!! Why would you even do such a thing?!!'.I cried out as I grabbed my bag and phone from the table.

‘You seemed so lonely and all that's why I decided to help out'.She shrugged.

‘Help out?! You literally set me up on a date with someone I hate and you call that helping out?? have you seen Tom and I together?!! We can't even stay a minute without wanting to rip each other apart!!'.I said aloud and opened my car door.

There is no way I'm going out on a date with grumpysaurus.

‘So are you doing it??'.She asked and I scoffed loudly.

‘Hell no!!'.

Tom's POV 🗣

I sighed deeply and came out of the car with Tuna all over my shirt all thanks to Chelle.

Why can't she just be like Iris?!.

That woman acts like I don't even exist and it annoys me as hell even though I'm not sure why.

Chelle is just an overly extreme clinger and she just doesn't want to get the hint about me not being interested in her.

‘Dad are you okay??'.Oliver asked.

‘Yeah I'm just...I have a date to—

‘Don't go!!'.I heard Iris yell and turned around sharply.

‘Ohh so now you want to talk to me huh??'.

‘You don't understand,just don't go on the date tonight Tom and it's to avoid complications'.She replied and I couldn't help but chuckle.

‘Are you being serious right now??'.My laugh faded when I saw the serious look in her eyes and crossed my arms.

She really can't be serious right now is she??.

‘How should I say this Tom, well I...I also signed up for the so called...well I didn't but my overzealous personal assistant did and i—

‘Iris can you just go straight to the f**king point?!'.

‘I'm getting there!!'.

‘Well talk!!'.

‘You know what?!! I shouldn't be here right now!! I just want to warn you cause you're date isn't showing up tonight!!'.She said aloud and turned to leave.

‘Iris how do you know that?!!'.

‘Well I'm her okay?? I'm the date!'.

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