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🌹(He has a daughter, she has a son and they hate each other)🌹

🌹🗣️ Episode 10🌹🗣

Tom's POV cont'd 🗣

‘What was that for?!!'.I cried out as I wiped the frosting off my face.

‘Well maybe next time don't ask about my husband okay?? so because I'm a woman does that mean I can't take care of my own daughter??'.She scoffed.

‘I never said that?!! You don't really take well to questions do you?!!'.I protested and she rolled her eyes.

’If I asked you about your wife would you—

‘I would've just told you that I'm divorced simple!!!'.

‘Well I'm divorced too,sorry about the cake Tom Cruise but deep down...I'm not sorry'.She said and walked away.

Oh God i just want to strangle that woman to death right now.

The Next Morning 🌥
Oliver was dressed for school and thankfully he was excited which was because of Sofia and I still just don't understand.

How are children so forgiving??.

‘Bye Dad'.He kissed my cheek and started to leave.

‘Wait hold up! Who's going to take you to school??''.I asked.

‘Ohhh Sofia's mom is,she even made us ham sandwich,grilled cheese and orange juice for lunch'.He said excitedly.

No she did not just coerce my son into her evil coven!!.

‘Iris!! Iris!'.I yelled as I barged into her kitchen through the back door.

‘What's the problem now?'.She asked and God forgive me her kitchen looks incredible.

‘Wh...What are you doing??'.I asked instead as my temper cooled down by a hundred degrees.

’What does it look like I'm doing?? I'm making breakfast poophead'.She replied and i scoffed loudly.

‘Look Iris I know you hate but—

’He wants to come with Sofia so?? I'm just driving them to school and you should be happy he's eating my good food, your meat loaf is poisonous'.She stopped me halfway and I gasped.


How did. she know..

How did she know about my meatloaf??.

I thought everyone loved my meatloaf?!.

‘Oliver!!! what did you tell our neighbors?!!'.

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