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🌹(He has a daughter, she has a son and they hate each other)🌹

🌹🗣️ Episode 7🌹🗣

Iris's POV 🗣

The Next Morning 🌥
‘Baby it's not a big deal okay?? It's just a new school and soon you'll make new friends even before you know it'.I said as I helped Sofia pack her hair in a tight bun.

‘Mom?? What if they don't like me?'.She asked and I couldn't help but smile.

‘Then they're missing out on having the best friend of their lives,come on let's go'.I muttered and grabbed my bag and coffee,then we both headed into the car.

Tom's POV 🗣

‘I don't want to go to school Dad'.Oliver whimpered and I sighed deeply.

He's always having a hard time making new friends and I don't blame him.

‘Look boy, Sofia is gonna be there okay?? So at least you know someone??'.I tried to reassure him but it was just a bad idea.

‘I hate Sofia!!'.He grumbled and grabbed his bag as we both headed into the car.

When I was still married I really didn't have to bother with all this and now it's all I have to ever do.

Being a single parent is hard as hell.

Minutes later ♥️
I stopped in Virginia School and then Oliver came out of the car just the same time Iris and her daughter came out of theirs.

Oh God please don't make us fight today cause I'm not cut out for it.

‘Now don't you cause any trouble okay??'.i patted Oliver on the shoulder.

‘Don't let anyone bully you okay baby,if a bully touches you what should you do??'.I heard Iris say.

’Kick'em hard'.Sofia replied and they both gave each other a high five.

Our children left for school and then I turned around to face her.

She was dressed in a perfectly cut suede pants and a sleek blouse which hung on her curves perfectly.

What am I even doing??.

‘Why would you encourage your daughter to beat her classmates??'.I asked.

‘I don't encourage my daughter to fight,I encourage her to stand up for herself when her teacher wouldn't...Most of this Grade teachers don't really do anything about the system and you wouldn't know anything about being bullied Tom Jones'.She replied sarcastically and he scoffed loudly.

‘Please she's just six.years old!!'.

‘How is it any of your concern on how I teach my child?!! It is none of your business Weak Tom!! Now shut the hell up and drive away!'.

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