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🌹(He has a daughter, she has a son and they hate each other)🌹

🌹🗣️ Episode 4🌹🗣

Tom's POV 🗣

I decided a fresh start and the first thing I get is this crazy but hell of a beautiful woman screaming like a mad patient outside my door while I'm on the car with a client?!!.

Oh dear God.

If this is your plan for me then it's just not fair.

‘Look lady,I don't know where you husband is but as you can see there's another car parked in front of me and I can't move into my garage okay?? So tone that mouth of yours down a notch and we'll be okay'.I said as I came out of the car.

There was no husband from my few seconds of observation but she had a daughter who was supposedly the same height and probably age with Oliver.

‘Look I didn't come here to look for trouble neighbor and you're clearly giving it to me,there's a lot of—

‘Blah blah blah,you're just making a mountain out of a mohill and clearly your house isn't far from here so take your boxes and shut the hell up...Women like you always make marriage worth hell'.I sneered and I could see the fire in her eyes.

‘What did you say??'.

‘I said what I said'.

‘Well men like you are nothing but bastards!! stupid hypocritical bastards!!'.She yelled and before I knew it she threw her shoe at my car and dented the glass.

What the hell!?.

‘What the hell is wrong with you?!!'.

‘Well I just came out of hell and trust me you don't want to see me burn,stay out of my business neighbor and you'll be safe'.She said and turned around.

‘Hell no lady you're paying for the damage!!'.

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