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🌹(He has a daughter, she has a son and they hate each other)🌹

🌹🗣️ Episode 11🌹🗣

Tom's POV cont'd 🗣

Minutes later ♥️
I reluctantly let Iris take my kid to school since I didn't want to break his heart and since he wasn't really home I had enough free time to shop for groceries.

My new contract isn't starting until next month which gives me enough time to put my house in order.

I quickly took my car and drove over to the mall where I could get some new furnishings and maybe shop at the departmental store in there.

‘Are you okay sir??'.A very young lady approached me and I frowned deeply.

‘Am I not okay??'.

‘Oh..Oh pardon my bluntness,I just wanted to say hi that's all'.She said in an overly excited way that cringed me a little bit.

‘Okay hi.Can I go now??'.I quickly lost interest in what she wanted to say but she kept on following me as I walked into the store for groceries.

‘I'm Michelle...Chelle for short'.She said and extended her hands over to me.

‘I'm Tom...just Tom'.I took it and she grinned.

‘Seems like you're new in town right?? I haven't seen you around'.

‘Yeah I just moved into town with my son days ago,I'm just trying to keep my house in order'.I replied.

Oh God send a savior to save me from this conversation.

‘So do you have a wife??'.

’No I don't'.

‘Thank God'.


‘Oh I didn't say anything,this is my card,I'm a lawyer so in case you need any legal services I'm open and I'll do it free for you cause of your handsomeness'.She chuckled and just my luck Iris walked into the store.

Not the angel I was expecting but a devil works just fine.

‘Neighbor!!'.I quickly hollered and she turned around in shock.

‘Are you...are you talking to me??'.

‘Yes I am neighbor,we have some shopping to do remember?? I was just waiting for you'.I said and quickly rushed over to where she was.

‘Ewww that is so gross,why would I even do so??'.She scoffed and I covered her mouth.

‘Look we're not doing anything,just get me out of here please'.I whispered and she chuckled.

‘Look who's scared of a woman!'.

‘Iris just shut up and get me out of here please'.I pleaded more urgently as the lady i was avoiding started to walk over.

‘Say I'm the best mom in the world'.


‘Say I'm the best mom in the world'.

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