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 Season 7

Episode 15

(Am not a good man)

Myron was waiting in anticipation for Emily to save him. He did not expect that it was not Emily but Jacob's men who arrived.   

 His mouth was tightly covered by a forceful hand before he could scream and then he was dragged away.    

Jacob's men also took hold of Agnes, who was hiding in the darkest corner of the basement. Without explanation they removed her.    

The two villagers were taken to different destinations though.    

When Emily came down to the basement later, she found nothing but empty space. Agnes and Myron had disappeared, as if they had never existed.    

Where were Myron and Agnes? 'Were they taken somewhere? Who could have taken them?' Emily tried to figure out what had happened to them.  

Remembering Jacob's harsh eyes at the mention of Myron and Agnes the previous day, she became worried. To find out the truth Emily would need to ask him, and she did not look forward to this following quarrel.    

She found Jacob in his study. The room had been spotlessly cleaned from all traces of the previous day's outburst. 

Books were again in their customary places and even the broken ornaments had been replaced. Jacob seemed to have become calm again. He sat behind his desk quietly working as she entered. He looked up with no trace of their quarrel in his eyes.    

Glancing at her leg, he noticed the small band-aid covering the cut she had sustained the previous day. He was relieved that it was not a serious injury and looking at her asked, "Are you going to ask me to apologize for hurting you?" 

She paused momentarily and then replied slowly, "No. There's no need for that. I am here about something else. Can you tell me where Myron and Agnes are? Did you ask your men to take them away?"    

"Yes! You are right. It was done at my behest,"  he said casually as his fingers tapped on the wooden desk, "The man was sent to a coal mine to work as a miner. As for that woman, I don't think you'd really care to know where she was taken."   

 Since the evil village woman was good at poisoning others, he had ordered her sent to a secret lab as an experiment "volunteer".    

She would go through all kinds of medical experiments and be forced to try different kinds of pills. Maybe she would enjoy the delight of being poisoned?  

  As Jacob said, Emily didn't care where Agnes ended up. Agnes should have known that she would be punished eventually for poisoning her. Emily was concerned for Myron though as he was just an innocent simpleton. He didn't deserve such heavy punishment. Given Jacob's anger, she feared that he had perhaps had Myron killed because he hated him, and he was lying about the mine.  

"Jacob, you should know that Myron was also a victim. Please set him free. I promise he will disappear from our life and I will never speak of him again, all right? He is just a person of low-grade intelligence. There is nothing between us. I treat him like a brother. Why should you punish him just because you feel envy?" she pleaded with him.   

 "Do you not trust me?" he said with a sneer, "Do you think I am lying to you?"

    "Won't you?" she challenged him then.    "Yes, I would,"  he admitted bluntly, "Of course I would."    

"You... " Emily said painfully, her face turning pale. Her body began shivering and tears ran from her eyes.  

He looked away from her angry eyes and said coldly, "Emily, I know you will hate me if I really kill him. And I can't bear that you hate me just because of that man. I sent him away from this city and didn't kill him. That's the greatest kindness I could show to him. Of course, everything I've done is for your sake. Otherwise, he would surely have suffered more painful punishment than that."    

"Jacob, stop it!" she whispered sadly.    

She wanted to tell him that she didn't hate him but rather hated herself. The blame was hers. She had brought Myron to this suffering. But she couldn't speak out.    

Her heart was confused as to whether she should hate Jacob or not. She had brought Myron to the villa, and here he had caused such terrible trouble. In truth, she was the one who was responsible for Myron.  

"Emily, I let him go and provided him a job. Is that not enough for him? A foolish man like him can do nothing but simple manual labor. Do you really want to take care of him and keep him at your side forever?" he explained gently then. He didn't know why she treat Myron so kindly and even argued with him for the sake of that fool.   

 She didn't respond as she didn't know how to express her mixed feelings. Around Jacob her mouth lost the ability to articulate and language became a pale and nerveless beast.  

  For Jacob, what he did was kind enough to Myron. He felt hurt when Emily didn't trust him and thought he was a cruel and cold man. Why didn't she care about his feelings?    

She seemed to hold to the notion that Jacob would torture Myron in order to give vent to his anger.    

Yes, he did have such evil thoughts at the beginning.  

Jacob had quickly rejected those ideas though at the thought that Emily would hate him if he really did that to Myron. 

His feelings were a tumultuous mix of anger and envy. He had finally realized that Emily was everything to him. Everyday his actions were now for her and his family.    

Making decisions was now based upon his care for her feelings. He desperately wanted to win her favor and make sure that she still loved him as before.    

He would do anything for her and was willing to compromise for her sake.   

 All of this was because he knew how he felt now and wanted to know her secret.  

  "Jacob, I didn't mean that. I never doubted you, " Emily sighed as she approached him, "I think you know well that you sometimes lose your mind and fail to control yourself. As a result, you may do things that you would regret later. I know there are a lot of results that are against your intentions. Sometimes I have to stop you before the worst things happen."  

He thought that her comment was not entirely accurate or fair to him.    

He was a cold man by nature and seldom regretted what he had done. He had a clear definition of good and evil. To him, those who were punished by him deserved it. Challenges to his authority were not tolerated.    

His normally rigid principles failed where Emily was concerned though. Anything that affected her was amplified by his heart and made him over-sensitive. 

Once Jacob was provoked by things concerning her, he seemed to always lose control and then did things that he later regretted. In the past, his actions had even hurt her and himself. His deep love for her had also caused a deep hate for her. His stubborn nature didn't help matters.    

But, thank God! Emily hadn't left him. Even after experiencing all the miseries he caused her.  

However, there was always a sense of uneasiness in his heart, and he always felt that she would leave him one day. He was haunted by this ominous and real presentiment.    

At the thought that Emily would leave him one day, Jacob felt panicked like a little child left alone on a deserted island.    

No! He would never let her abandon him. No one could separate her from him.   

 Anyone who attempted to break up their hard-won relationship, would definitely reap the bitter fruit of their labors.    

"Do you trust me?" he asked slowly as he looked deep into her eyes, searching for the answer.    

As she looked into his eyes, so sincere and full of eagerness, a burst of guilt escaped from her heart. She blamed herself for not trusting him earlier.  

"Sorry for my hurtful words just now. I didn't mean it. I trust you of course,"  she said simply.    

"But you should understand that I am responsible for Myron's life.   

 All I want is to see him living somewhere safe and sound. That's enough for me. If he were put in danger because of me, I would never forgive myself,"  she added.    

"Okay, I understand,"  he answered. Jacob turned his attention to the laptop on his desk and silently typed on the keyboard for a moment. She looked at him with hesitation, unable to ready anything of his intentions on his face.

Jacob had always been a closed book.    Then he handed the laptop to her. She turned her eyes to the screen, perplexed at the strange gesture. On the screen she saw Myron lying in a hospital bed, with his body wrapped in bandages and looking quite dazed.    

Myron seemed to have no idea where he was and he didn't understand what the nurses were talking about as they fussed over him. Emily could see however that they were taking good care of him.  

However, their kindness to him didn't make him happy at all. He seemed eager to leave there and look for her. Emily knew that he only felt safe and happy when she was with him.   

 "Myron will be taken to the work place after he completely recovers. There are many people with mental retardation like him working in the coal mine. They can realize their self-value there. He will be properly cared for. I think he will like it." 

   Jacob explained slowly to Emily. He didn't show any emotion while he spoke.

 Standing beside the desk, hands in his pockets, his eyes were distant as he gazed out the window.    

Reassured by the image on the computer screen, Emily looked one last time and then closed the laptop in acceptance. 

 If anything had happened to Myron because of her, she would have felt guilty for the rest of her life.    

Luckily, Jacob hadn't lied to her and had provided an appropriate job for Myron instead.    

At the thought of that, she cast a thankful glance at Jacob. But to her disappointment, he averted his eyes and turned away.    

Was he angry with her because of her doubt in him?    

"Jacob, I am sorry. I shouldn't have..." Emily apologized tenderly.   

 But she was interrupted by him, "You don't have to apologize to me,"  he said coldly. "Whatever, I am not a good man.

 You are right to think of me like that."    Emily was speechless and didn't know how to respond to him.   

 After a brief silence, he spoke up again, "For reference, you'd better stay at home. Don't go anywhere in the nearby future."

  "Jacob, what do you mean? Are you imprisoning me?" she asked softly.    

"If you want to interpret my meaning like that, I have no objection,"  he answered shortly.   

 Emily stood there silently and pursed her lips tightly. She had been imprisoned by Jacob before. His words did not bring her any real discomfort. In a way, she had even become accustomed to his incarcerating her.  

But she couldn't help wondering what tricks he was going to play with her now.

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