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(You can't chase me out)

After a long kiss, Jacob pinched Emily's chin and warned her coldly, "Jack is dead and gone now. From now on, don't mention his name in front of me. Lest I dig him up and whip him for it."    

He had endured enough of this. The woman who now nestled in his arms kept missing a dead man. She had grieved so much for the bastard that she had made herself sick...    

It was like a slap in his face!    

She was greatly confused by his words.    Did he misunderstand something?   

 She was about to explain, but was interrupted by him, "Since you have been with me, you should know by now what you should do. You can only think of me.

 Never any other man. There cannot be anyone else but me in your eyes and your heart. Remember, I am your master now."  

In his eyes, she was his. Since she was his, she belonged to him both in her body and her heart. It was impossible for him to share even a little bit of her with others.    

She suddenly lost the strength to explain. Then she asked in an extremely serious tone, "There's nobody but you in my eyes and my heart, but will you treat me the same way?"   

 Unexpectedly, a trace of guilt streaked from the bottom of his heart. It confused him, as he didn't know why he should feel guilty. Still appearing indifferent he said, "Emily, don't cry for the moon."   

 She struggled to understand him then.    He was the one who was gentle and kind to her. His smile lit up her heart. 

However, it was also he who was cruel to her and hurled insults at her.    

He seemed to be a contradiction, constantly tormenting her.  

If this was what he wanted, then he had managed to get it.    

Like a victim with Stockholm Syndrome, she was being tortured mentally and physically by him, but she refused to leave him.    

Finally she asked her last question, "Then if... I were to die? Would that mean nothing to you? Would it not hurt you, even a little?"   

 Hearing her speak of death, his eyes darkened like thunderclouds, and his face grew frosty. He seemed about to strike out in a furious rage, but he restrained himself forcefully.    

"I don't like this conversation. You'd better shut up and don't mention that word ever again. And, don't try to threaten me in this way. For you, it doesn't work."  

  Besides, could she die without his consent? Impossible!  

Though she knew he would never believe it, she still held on to a last ray of hope. 

"Even if I disappear from this world, you won't care, will you?"    

She had hardly finished speaking than his hands closed around her neck. Despite him restraining his brute strength, he still cut off any further words she might utter.    

"You speak nothing that I like to hear, Emily. I don't care to hear your thoughts any further. Now, obey me. Remember, I have the means to punish you."  

  Slowly, he released his grip and she began coughing fitfully. He began to reach out to her to pat her back, but stopped himself.    

He thought assuredly that he shouldn't be too nice to this woman.    

Once he became tender to her, she would have more thoughts.  

She even took his daughter to meet her old flame. This stubborn woman had almost destroyed her own health because of that shit's death.   

 He couldn't swallow any more of this.    Since he really didn't know how to punish her, he decided for the moment, to just leave her alone and ignore her to show his disapproval. Then she would surely know who was the boss in this family.    ...    

As a result, he ceased sleeping in the same bed as her, and remained rather aloof to her.    

Words about this change passed from one mouth to another among the servants. They all thought that she had fallen into disfavor.    

However, she had no time to deal with these rumors. Even when someone secretly stirred trouble up, she had no time to notice. Every day she took the calendar and looked at the date as if she wanted to burn a hole through it.  

Of course Beryl could feel her mom's abnormal tension and was very concerned about her. "Mommy, what's wrong with you? Did you quarrel with Daddy?"    

Looking at her daughter's sweet and innocent face, sadness came over her. 

"No! I'm just thinking about something,"  she replied.  

  "What is it? I can help you."    

"Just some minor matters. It may not be a bad idea that you know nothing about them."    

She herself had been immersed in pain. How could she have her daughter suffer together with her! With less and less time left, what should she do next?    

"Mommy, did Daddy bully you? I will teach him when he comes back!" the little girl said in anger. As a father, Jacob treated her quite well, and even spoiled her.  

She didn't know what had happened. To Beryl, the three of them were reunited by her father's return, and she was over the moon with her parents by her side. 

   But why was her mom unhappy every day? It puzzled her.    

Emily shook her head and said in a helpless tone, "Nothing of the sort. Don't think such nonsense, okay?"  

  "All right." She stuck out her tongue naughtily, but her beautiful eyes were filled with worry. "Mom, I'm so worried about you. I just want to make you happy."    

Even Beryl, a little girl, had noticed that something was wrong with her. Surely Jacob should have noticed it too? But he didn't care at all.    

For him she was just a disposable bimbo, and he cared nothing about her thoughts or fears.  

She stroked Beryl's hair and said softly, "I'm fine. I just need to think alone for a while. Don't worry about me. You should be as close to you daddy as possible. He loves you so much."    

Beryl nodded as if she knew something. "Well, I see,"  she replied in an innocent tone.    

Everything that happened in the house was reported to Jacob in detail. He knew all that Emily did, and when he learned that she kept a calendar with the days marked off on it, a strange feeling arose in his heart.    

He was upset, as if he felt something was due to happen that was out of his control.    

What was so good about a crossed off calendar? Was it better than him?   

 What the hell was she waiting for?   

 Why didn't she come to him and apologize, or bow down to his wishes? Surely she didn't want to rebel against him all day long and cause discord in the house? What a silly woman!  

He was reading some documents, but the more he read, the more dissatisfied he felt. His mind was completely occupied by the pale and helpless but unyielding face of Emily.    

Never before had there been a woman like her in his life, and never before had he needed to rack his mind so much about any of his previous women.    

"Thump-thump-thump." His confused thoughts were interrupted by someone knocking on the door to his office.    Immediately donning his usual poker face, he called coldly, "Come in."    

A woman in exquisite make-up entered, preceded by the crisp clicking sounds of her high heeled shoes stepping on the floor.  

"Jacob, long time no see,"  she said.    Looking at her familiar face, his eyes narrowed in impatience. "Jennifer, didn't I tell you never to bother my sight again?"    
"Yeah, I remember,"  she replied. Her expression was meaningful and complex as she stared at his handsome features. Her eyes were swirling pools of love and hatred. "But I am afraid that you can't chase me out now."   

 "Jennifer,"  he spoke her name coldly, his tone stern and threatening.    

Brazenly she faced him, her eyes unafraid as she placed her delicate hands over her slightly protruding abdomen. She seemed to have grown in confidence and courage as she boldly declared with great emphasis, "I'm pregnant."  

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