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 Season 6

Episode 99

(That's absurd!)

It was insufferable.    

Jennifer trembled as the sharp pain echoed from her belly. The agony crawled its way to every inch of her petite body.  

  "Leave me alone! No!" Jennifer's vision started to dim, and her senses began to dull, but she knew she had to defend herself from this man's assault.    

That whore Emily was supposed to be in this torture, not her. How did this happen? How was she the one kidnapped instead and brought here? 

Her clothes are gone. She realized after waking up that she was completely naked.    

Jennifer couldn't think straight, then a memory came to mind - Jacob. The last time Jennifer saw him, that bastard stared apathetically at that fat man who dared ask to sleep with Emily.  

Jacob told that man he could have Emily if he liked, but in fact Jacob was probably planning in mind how to torture and kill that bastard. Jennifer knew that Jacob planed something, but she never thought that he was capable of this.   

 Jacob! It must be Jacob!    

Somebody probably told him of Jennifer's plans.    

No one else would dare do this to her.    

"Jacob, you son of a bitch! I'll kill you!" Jennifer tried her best to stay awake. 

She bit her lips until they bled, but pain wasn't enough. The exhaustion was overwhelming, her eyelids grew heavy, and slowly her consciousness faded into the darkness.    

The man hadn't noticed that Jennifer had passed out. Jennifer's naked figure was enough to drive him mad with lust. He continued to grind his fat sweaty body to Jennifer's shameful parts. He pleasured himself to every inch of her body until he too, lost consciousness.  

Jennifer slept until the next day, and the next, and finally on the third day, her eyes opened to a different scene.   

 She felt lightheaded as she stood up to figure out where she was. The bright lights and the white walls made her realize that she was in the hospital. 

   The horrifying incident came screaming back to Jennifer's head. Her legs became wobbly. She grew pale as she tried to deny everything, "It didn't happen. It was just a nightmare!"    

Of course! It must have been just a bad dream!   

 It couldn't have happened to her in real life!    

However, the marks underneath her clothes were proof enough that the nightmare was real. The bruises from bites, slaps and cuts ached as Jennifer realized her sinister experience.  

"It cannot not be! It couldn't have happened!"    

Jennifer was distraught as she rejected the events that passed. She noticed the door as a man in a lab coat entered and introduced himself as her doctor. He conveyed the results of her tests in a grave tone.   

 "Ms. Jennifer, we have tried everything. We can't tell you how sorry we are. But... Your child wasn't able to survive the incident."    

"No! It cannot be!" Jennifer lashed out at the doctor, "Leave! You fake doctor! I want to be tested properly! I'm ordering you to test me again!"    

The doctor, with sorry eyes, redid the procedures.   

 Jennifer was stunned with the results in the monitor. She scoured every inch but no shape of a fetus was found. She held her belly as the confusion enveloped her.  

What would happen to her position in the Gu Family without the baby?    

She was only entitled to her priviledges because of this child. This could't be real! This didn't just happened! Mr. Gu couldn't find out that the baby died!    

Jennifer came to her senses. A searing realization entered her mind. Her voice trembled with rage, "Where is that bastard? Give me that worthless scum! I'm going to kill him!"    

The doctor took a while before he answered, "Well, he... was under the influence of a very strong drug during the incident. He died because his body wasn't able to handle the side effects."  

  "He's dead?" Jennifer clenched her fist. Her eyes were filled with murderous rage.    

Impossible! This was all because of Jacob!    

Jacob must have planned all this! How was it possible that he would let go of someone who dare covet Emily! He was killing two birds with one stone!  

This wasn't over. This pain, this agony, she wanted to return all of these to them!    

She promised that Emily and Jacob would pay for everything for the rest of their lives. She would stop at nothing to achieve her revenge!   


Days had passed since the incident. It was now time for the Gu Family to make some changes to the company.    

Jennifer secured her privileges by maintaining her miscarriage a secret. She was on her way to become Mr. Gu's right hand in the management of the company    

Jacob's priviledges were removed. Jennifer then was given the highest control over the management as Mr. Gu's was unable to to participate in company meetings. Jennifer was slowly made her objectives happen.  

However, Jennifer was suspicious because everything happened according to her plans.    

Jennifer stared at Jacob, who gave very little attention to the meeting. He looked like he didn't care for any of the possessions of the Gu Family.   

 Jacob's actions made both Jennifer and Mr. Gu curious. His indifference might just be a facade. They needed to think one step ahead of Jacob in case he pulled a devious plan.    

However, Jacob nonchalantly gave his resignation letter. He left the office in an uneventful fashion. His actions remained cold even after he drove back home.    "Jacob, is this part of your plans?" 

Jennifer stared at the man in front of her. That jaded face of his was to hard to read. She crossed her arms while she pondered about the peculiarity of recent events.  

Jacob, on the otherhand, decided to get a wiff of fresh air. He stood tall, majestic as a knight. He grabbed his suit and walked gallantly towards the exit.    

Jennifer was mesmerized with the view of Jacob walking away.    

Jennifer had always felt irritated by how Jacob looked down on other people and his uncaring attitude on everything that Jennifer wanted.   

 It was as if they were always worlds apart.    

But why? Why was that whore Emily able to walk side-by-side with Jacob?    

If Jennifer couldn't have him, then no one else could!   

 Jacob stared at the listening device that he discovered after leaving the office. He just sat at his car and tinkered with the device.    

Jacob knew that this device recorded Emily's conversation with that man after she left Sean's place.  

He felt the scratches on the device left behind when he threw it before. It must be the reason that the device broke. It prevented him to hear the recording from before.    

Jacob fiddled with the small device until he accidentally pressed the switch. Miraculously, the device played the recording like it wasn't broken. A familiar voice entered his ears.    

"Emily?" Jacob recognized that it was Sean's voice.    

Then Emily's voice, with rage and confusion, asked, "What the hell did you do to Jacob? Why are things going in a different direction?"    

"What do you want me to do to him? I just helped him regain his memory like you wanted. That's all. Speaking of whom, how is he now?"  

"Don't play dumb on me, Sean! Jacob is like a stranger. He doesn't recognize me! His attitude was way different from before. Can you swear with your life that you have nothing to do with this?"

 "I'm afraid I can't. Still, if it was me, what would you do?" 

 "What the hell do you want to do, Sean?" Emily's voice was a mix of eagerness and curiosity. 

Sean'ss tone was deep and cold, "Oh, Emily. I want nothing for the time being. Just treat this as a test for you, okay?" 

You should probably know by now that he is treated you as an enemy. You know why? Because his memories had been tampered with."

 Jacob almost broke the device again after he heard the horrifying tape. He was furious of what he had learned! How could that bastard Sean messed around with his head?  

This was absurd! It was impossible!   

Did Emily and Sean fabricated this recording? They must have planned this! They wanted Jacob to hear this and drive him mad. What did they want to accomplish?   

 Jacob wished to listen longer. He wanted to learn what conspiracies those two has planned. However, he stopped the device. 

A part of him feared that whatever truth he further uncovered would drive him off the edge of insanity.  

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