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 Season 6

Episode 98

(Indecent proposal)

Frowning at the empty seat, Jacob grew restless at the party.    

'Where the hell is Emily? What is taking her so long? Is she glued to the toilet seat? She is such a nuisance!' he thought angrily.   

 'But Emily is Beryl's mother, so I'm stuck with her. If anything happened to her, Beryl would be lost without her mother, especially at such a young age. I can't let Beryl suffer that fate. I'd better go to find Emily.'    

This thought galvanized him into action and he was convinced to go look for the mother of his child. Asking around confirmed his suspicions that Emily was still in the toilet.    

"Is she really glued to the toilet seat? That silly woman!" Jacob muttered angrily.  

Without a moment's consideration about propriety, he entered the ladies room. All the women screamed when they saw a man in the toilet, but they dared not complain further after one look at Jacob's thundercloud face.    

Ignoring them, he searched the facilities for Emily but found no trace of her.    'What happened?    

Where is she?'   

 In desperation, he just about turned the toilets upside down. It was a blow to his ego that someone under his control, 
under his protection, had disappeared. 

This was the biggest provocation for him, but he was somewhat concerned for her wellbeing as well.    

Jacob gave orders to lock the party venue so that he could properly search for Emily. Grasping hold of the host, he demanded to see the security monitors.

 Upon inspection though, it was revealed that the camera over the toilet area had been damaged just prior to her disappearance. It showed her entering the facilities, but nothing after that.  

Obviously, everything had been premeditated.    

Rage burned in Jacob's eyes and his face turned grim.    

The man in charge quaked next to him and offered in a trembling voice, "Mr. Jacob, we can try to repair the camera, but we need a little time..."    

"Bang!" Jacob savagely kicked him to the ground. Coldness was written on his face, and he yelled, "Fuck you!"  

  Emily could be dead before it was repaired!    

The man writhed on the floor, screaming in pain. Holding onto his stomach, he begged for mercy, "Mr Jacob, please forgive me! I'm sorry..."    

A violent impulse rose in Jacob's chest. For a moment, he wanted to trample the pathetic downcast figure to death, but he controlled the impulse, barely. Then, full of anger, he looked at the other monitors.  

For a moment, he wanted to trample the pathetic downcast figure to death, but he controlled the impulse, barely. Then, full of anger, he looked at the other monitors.    

Although he did not see Emily in any of the monitors, he did find some clues.   


 When Emily woke up, a terrible ache gripped her whole body, as if her bones had been reorganized after disassembly.   
 Her mind was blank for a moment, but she came to her senses swiftly as if someone had poured cold water over her head.  

  She remembered that she left the party to go to the toilet, but someone had grabbed her outside the door. They must have used drugs to incapacitate her, for she didn't remember anything after the hand had closed over her mouth.    

All that she recalled before passing out was the conversation between her two captors.  

"Mr. Jacob is so generous. Has he really agreed to give this woman away as a gift for our boss? Fucking unbelievable!"    

"He's a man anyway. Our boss has also prepared many young models for him. One good turn deserves another."  

  'Did Jacob really give me away to another man!' she doubted.   

 Sitting up, she found herself completely naked in the large double bed of a hotel room. Hickeys covered her pale white skin, and bruises violated her slender waist. The painful evidence of the horrible transgressions done against her were as scars which stabbed at her eyes.    

The dull ache in her loins confirmed her worst suspicions.   

 Her heart iced over and then cracked little by little into pieces of razor-edged glass. In the end it exploded, showering down to form a burial mound for her sorrows.  

The man she loved had given her away as a gift to another man.  

  "Ha, ha, ha..." Emily laughed bitterly all of a sudden, the sound full of sorrow and despair. All of her hopes burnt into ash in this moment.    

In her life she had experienced many painful moments, but not even one was as hurtful as this present one.   

 It was as if someone had thrust a dagger into her heart and stirred it fiercely, leaving a gaping hole that would never close. She was intact outside but broken into bloody pieces inside.   

 This was an injury beyond any healing arts.    

Sean had been right about everything. The longer she stayed with Jacob, the more desperate she was becoming.   

 There was no possibility left for her and Jacob to be reunited after this moment. 

 "What are you laughing at?" a charming male voice asked from behind.   

 Emily froze suddenly, and her mind failed to process the current situation.   

 Jacob, only in a bath towel, strode out from the bathroom. He looked at Emily with a frown, and he continued, "Are you silly?"    

She was struck dumb, and she looked at him with wide uncomprehending eyes. 

Finally she stammered, "You, you... Why, why am I..."  

  Despite her incoherent question, he figured out what she wanted to say. With a disappointed expression on his face, he said, "Of course it's me. Who else do you think it is?"    

"No. I mean..." Biting her lips she didn't know how to answer. She hadn't expected to awake to Jacob being with her.  

Bending slightly over her, he momentarily studied the bruises and hickeys on her fair skin, then the light in his eyes started burning again. He turned his face away as he backed off.   

 "Why are you still sitting there? Put your clothes on! Hurry up!"    

Jacob told himself that he would never sleep with this woman if he had another option. It was simply because Emily had been drugged through her ordeal, and he was haunted that he had not been able to protect her. His failure kept him from leaving her, but she had been seducing him. So he was caught between wanting to protect her from a sense of shame, and wanting to leave her since he didn't care for her anyway.    

But it was undeniable that she was still sweet. Her naked form roused some feelings in him which he ruthlessly suppressed given the present situation. 

   Her only flaw was that she was too weak. He dared not satisfy his pent up rage with her, lest he hurt her fragile body. Frustrated by her unavailability he felt himself denied.  

'I have been taking care of her health, but why is she still so weak?' Jacob wondered.    

Emily, following his instructions, reached out to the set of freshly laundered clothes that had been set aside for her. She dressed swiftly, ignoring the pain in her body. Fully dressed at last, she breathed a deep sigh of relief.    

Fortunately it was Jacob not somebody else who had been with her.  

  Still not fully recovered from her emotionally and physically draining ordeal, Emily sat on the bed to rest.    

Jacob changed his clothes in front of her without scruple. As he buttoned up his shirt, his indifference and coldness also seemed to be part of his wardrobe and he wrapped himself in those like armor. 

 Though she had many questions that she wanted to ask him, he clearly didn't want to answer any questions now. "Let's go!" he said.   

 Left with no other option, she swallowed her queries, and accompanied him.    

As they walked past the presidential suit of the hotel, Emily heard a fierce rattling coming from inside. She could also hear a woman's screams of distress through the door, followed by occasional calls for help.   

 Unconsciously she stopped and tried to figure it out.    

Suddenly Jacob pulled her into the crook of his arm and began walking her along. "What are you doing?" he rebuked her.    

"I heard someone screaming inside."    "It's just your imagination."    

"Really?" She frowned.  

Jacob gently raised a finger and smoothed out the creases between Emily's eyes, but his voice was frigid and angry, "You can't even protect yourself. Best you mind your own business."  

  She pursed her lips pensively, but agreed timidly, "All right."    

After they left, the noise in the room grew more intense, but the ruckus failed to attracted anybody. Jacob had issued orders to clear the floor.    

In the room, Jennifer had been stripped of her clothes. A greasy, fat man rode her with a terrible force. He was repeatedly thrusting like an animal mating.    

"Fuck! Fuck off! Fuck off! You asshole!"    Screaming had turned Jennifer's voice hoarse.  

  The fat man was the same boss who was drunk at the party and had asked Jacob for Emily.  

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