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 Season 6 

Episode 93

(Are you insane)

When Jacob saw Emily passed out near the door, he strode to her without a second thought. He knelt down and picked her up from the blood-soaked floor.    

His black eyes widened, as anxiety and tension flashed too fast in his mind for him to notice. Out of desperation, he called for help. "Doctor! Doctor!"  

  When the doctors heard Jacob yelling, they rushed upstairs. Soon Emily was examined and tended to by the doctors.  

  "Why did she spit out blood?"    

One of the doctors explained with great caution, "The emotional strain was overwhelmed for Miss Emily to take, considering her weak body. That's why she spat out blood and lost consciousness."  

Jacob bit his lip when the doctor spoke, and he said, "Don't let her die. That's all I ask from you."    

The doctor was shocked by Jacob's request but he nodded at him with respect, "Yes, Mr. Jacob!"   

 Meanwhile, Emily lay asleep enveloped by the warmth of silence.    

Finally, Emily's eyes fluttered open slowly. As she rose from a heavy slumber, she was first aware of the coolness of the air and its loamy fragrance.    ..

She stared at the ceiling blankly for a while as if in deep thought, before she came to her senses. Then she got up to find her phone and dialled a familiar number.   

 The person on the other side answered her call at once. It was clear from the person's voice that he was a gentle, and charming man. "Hello, Emily. What is it?"  

"Sean!" Although Emily's voice sounded feeble and subdued, she spoke each and every word clearly, "Jacob is not the same man anymore. Why would he hurt himself and those who care about him? 

What the hell did you do to him?"   

 Sean grew serious and asked, "Did he hurt you?"   

 Emily brushed his question off and countered, "What did you do to him?"    

After a few seconds of silence, Sean said, "Did you try to help him regain his memory? I've told you before. It will only stimulate emotions he won't be able to suppress anymore. He might change into someone he is not. Perhaps he will be driven to madness."    

Sean's words moved up her neck in a light fashion and gave her an uncomfortable thrill, such that she shuddered to utter a word.   

 Now she was certain that Sean wasn't lying about the chip inside Jacob's brain. For once Sean had told her the truth and now she was paying for her disbelief.

  Emily tried to respond but Sean cut her short, "As long as the chip is inside Jacob, you will never be able to help him regain his memories. He may regain his memory, but only temporarily. After that, he will come to hate you even more."   

 "Shut up! I don't want to listen to this!" Emily dismissed him. His words were too toxic for her to endure.    

Sean felt sorry for Emily and he asked, "Even after everything, you still choose to be with him? He will hurt you, physically and mentally. He is not the man you fell in love with before. Emily, come back to me. I can't bear to watch you suffer like that."   

 Emily had already seen the real face behind the facade Sean hid himself in. 

His words would no longer be able to trap her with sweet lies. "Who is responsible for all of this? You are! It is your fault that Jacob turn into a monster.

 You are the one who snatched away the happiness from my life!" Emily's words came in short gasps, as though she were short of breath.  

Emily coughed up blood.   

 "Calm down, Emily. It is not good for you to be so emotional." Sean took a deep breath and continued, "It doesn't matter whether you blame or hate me. Truth is, it makes no difference to me. I gave you a chance, remember? I turned on the time-lapse button for you. But the love between you and Jacob failed to pass the test."    

Emily bit her lips and said nothing. Her patience was wearing thin by the second.    

"Sean, I hate you!   

 I regret ever meeting you."    

Sean's breathing paused momentarily, as pain in his chest was too strong to bear. 

But he concealed his feelings and chuckled to himself. "That's all right. I don't regret the things I've done for you. I am eternally grateful to God for bringing you to me.  

Emily, you will come back to me sooner or later. I'll wait for you. But the longer you stay with Jacob, the greater the pain you receive from him will be.  

  In the end, you will end up becoming doubtful of love. Because that what love is, too uncertain and fragile to stand the test of time. Only you and I can be together forever."   

 Emily immediately hung up the phone and took a deep breath. When she turned around, she met a pair of cold black eyes staring in her direction.    


 'When did he get here?   

 Did he hear my conversation with Sean?' Emily wondered.   

 "Behave yourself!" Jacob warned her. He didn't seem too concerned about who she was on the phone with. Then he turned around and walked away.  

Emily tried to stop him, but she knew there was nothing she could do that would make him change his mind.    

Gloom welled up from below and drowned her heart in sorrow. In that moment contemplation her world collapsed. The pain came and left like waves on frigid sand.  

  What killed her more was Jacob's blithe indifference to her rather than his resentment. He made her feel like her existence did not matter at all.    

She would rather he sneered at her than looking her like a stranger.    

Jacob spend the rest of the day outside, and as a result, Emily didn't have the chance to talk to him.   

 Everyday, Emily would pretend as if everything was fine in front of Beryl to keep her from getting worried about anything.  

However, there were only a few choices left for Emily now.    

She was nowhere near to getting that chip out of Jacob's brain and instead of making him fall in love with her, all she managed to do was make him hate her even more. Spending time together had become torture for the both of them.    

Was Sean the only option left for Emily?   
 It seemed to her that as long as she'd go back to Sean, he would take out the chip from Jacob's head. Otherwise, the longer the chip stayed in Jacob's brain, the more severe its damage would be.    

But how could she agree with such a deal?    

How could she tear herself away from her daughter and the man she loved with all her heart?  

When she looked at Beryl's cute face, tears streamed down her cheeks to her chin.    

Perhaps Jacob would treat their daughter well if she went away? Besides, Beryl was his real daughter anyway.    

No matter how much he despised her, as long as Jacob loved his daughter, Emily had no complains.    

Emily knew that she didn't have much time left, but she just couldn't bring herself to make up her mind and leave everything she ever loved behind.    

Someone she did not expect to see suddenly appeared right in front of her one day.    

Magee sneaked into Tyrone Mansion to see Emily at midnight.   

 When Emily was brushing her hair in front of the mirror, a man suddenly appeared on the reflection. Emily gasped, and the man covered her open mouth to stop her from screaming.  

"Don't shout! It's me!"    

Magee held Emily in his arms from behind and covered her mouth tightly. He touched her soft and warm lips in his palm and felt her tender body in his arms.    

This circumstances sped up his heartbeat.   

 Emily soon nodded to show she would not yell.   

 He trusted Emily and let go of her. 


 "Magee!" Emily subconsciously stepped backwards. With the look of a stunned person on her face, Emily asked, "What are you doing here? It's late. Are you insane?"    

"No, I'm not,"  Magee calmly answered.   

 Emily wondered what he was doing in this neck of the woods. But when she thought about what happened in the kindergarten the other day, her voice became guilty, "I'm sorry about the last time. Sorry!"  

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