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(Lost memory and love)

The gathered adults were parents at present, but they were also businessmen and businesswomen. They couldn't ignore the violent fight, but it was also a chance to test possible future alliances.

    And, of course, but more importantly, it would be beneficial if they could be remembered, for their future business. 

   When Jacob heard the last sentence, he turned his head and saw Beryl in Emily's arms. The sight of her frightened eyes seared into his mind.    

He suddenly calmed down as the fighting urge left him.    

The realization struck him like a hammer blow that he had lost control completely just now.    

Embarrassed by his actions he knew that he had acted dishonorably.  

This was ugly behavior!    

He looked up into Emily's face again. There was no fear there in her tender eyes, only worry and care.   

 Her concern was like spring rain on parched desert soil, and suddenly his heart was comforted and he softened.    "Jacob,"  Magee shouted, looking across at Jacob and gnashing his teeth in great anger.    

Shit, Jacob had kept hitting him in the face, absolutely intentionally trying to insult him in front of everyone!   

 Magee usually didn't care about public opinion at all, but his shame rose at the thought of having Emily in the audience.    
He thought that she must have felt a strong sense that he was inferior to Jacob.    

"Go away." Jacob looked at him unkindly, as he added, "Don't let me see you again."  

"That's what I want to say to you,"  Magee replied coldly and gave Emily a last deep and final look. He straightened stiffly and turned around to leave.    

Facing such a jerk, Jacob was tempted to gouge out his eyes.    

This man pretended to be his daughter's father, and openly coveted his woman!    He was courting death!    

Looking at Magee's proud and lonely figure, Emily wished she could speak to him, but on second thoughts kept quiet.  

  She should have gone forward and apologized to him. After all, it was Jacob who hit him for no reason and humiliated him publicly.    

But something in Jacob's eyes made her hesitate.   

 For fear of causing greater conflict between the two of them, she did not go forward. Silently in her heart, she said sorry to Magee, and promised to apologize personally another day.  

Due to the trouble the two men had caused, the kindergarten parent-child activities could not continue. The day was hastily ended, and everyone had to go home.    

Before leaving, Jacob's gaze gloomily took in the gathered parents and teachers. Then he spoke with an extremely cold tone, "Nothing happened just now and you all saw nothing. Am I clear? Don't let there be a need for me to teach you how to behave."    

Everyone was so scared that they dared not even breathe, fearing that they'd further infuriate the moody Jacob Gu. 

   Seeing their cowardly behavior, he snorted loudly. With one hand he lifted Beryl from Emily's arms and with the other he forcefully led Emily to the car.    After they left, everyone present began whispering.    

They discussed, "Why did Magee and Jacob fight with each other? It is too strange!"  

"What is strange? This is the story. Jacob's daughter and Magee played so happily. Everyone mistakenly thought that he was her father. Can't Jacob be angry?" "Is that any different compared to his wife having cuckolded him?"    

"Was Magee also here for the woman just now?"    

"It's seemed to be." The tone of the speaker began to sour. "So many men are fascinated by her charm. It's really all in their minds. Yet I haven't seen anything special about her."    

"But she gave birth to a daughter for Jacob after all, thus her status is stable. Besides, it is said that the woman also came from a rich family." 

   "But it's only a daughter, not a son, right? Sooner or later, Jacob will throw away such a skittish woman who tends to attract other men. What's more, they haven't even held a wedding, right?"    "No matter if they hold it or not, we surely won't be invited to attend."  

The female teachers were not as unscrupulous as the parents, and they chose to gossip in private. There were many of them who were envious and hateful, full of sourness against Emily.    Of these conversations, Emily knew nothing. And even if she knew, she would care little for it.   

 She was more concerned by the matter at hand and how to deal with it.    

Thinking about it, her thoughts diverged and she considered other things.    

Today, most of the parents accompanying their children had worn wedding rings. Each style was different, but they all represented the same promise and love.    

She and Jacob had a ring, but it was lost.   

 Lost like their memories and love.    

She had tried to find it, but she could not find the original ring no matter how hard she searched.  

They had been entangled for so many years, with so many things had happened, and yet they were not married. It was a mystery to her, and a painful one at that.   

 She always told herself to wait. That she needed to be patient until his memories were fully restored and that only on that day could they finally get married.   

 But what she had finally waited for was only a more incomplete memory and lover.    

She asked herself if she regretted her decision? But she realized that even if she regretted it, nothing could be changed.    

Tired to her bones, Emily sighed. It was a sound full of longing and despair. Her mood plummeted to the darkest depths of her heart.    

Saying nothing, they sat uncomfortably in the car on the road home.    

When they finally arrived at home, he asked the nanny to take Beryl upstairs and then he walked Emily through to the living room where he slammed the door shut with a loud bang!  

She was shocked by his behavior, but forced calm when she looked into his angry eyes. Calmly she asked, "What are you doing?"   

"Shouldn't I be asking you this question?" he sneered, and like a black scorpion he pinned her with a fixed gaze locking onto her face. "What happened between you and Magee? I want a reasonable explanation."  

  The expression on her face remained very calm. "There was a car accident on the road and the driver couldn't continue driving me to the kindergarten. Magee passed by, then he gave me a ride. It's that simple."   

 "Car accident? Why didn't the driver call me?" He frowned angrily, his face a twisted mask of raw emotion. He stepped over and pressed her down on the sofa, his hands checking her body. 

"Are you injured?"    

"No." She shook her head. "I'm fine. Don't blame the driver."  

He didn't find any injuries on her body, and released her as his face slowly relaxed. Then suddenly, he stared at her coldly again. "You are avoiding my question."    

"I am just telling the truth."    

"Did Magee just drive you?"    


"Bang!" He slammed a fist down on the sofa, almost swiping her ear. The anger in his smoldering voice burned again. "Emily, I warn you! Don't lie. Don't push at my bottom line!"    

"I'm not lying!" She took a deep breath, and faced his distrust. "This is really what happened."    

"Is it? Why did he go in? Why did he go in? He even shamelessly pretended to be my daughter's father!"   

 Emily explained, "He didn't. Someone just misunderstood..."  

"Emily, do you think me a blind man or a fool? I saw it with my own eyes! If there is no acquiescence from you, how could he do this? When did the two of you hook up?!"   

 "Pa!" His voice dropped off as her hand struck the left side of his face in a loud slap.    

Placing a hand against his hot cheek, his body stiffened, but he didn't move as his face filled with incredulity.    

She had always been obedient to him, yet now she dared to hit him! And that because of another man! He couldn't believe it.  

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