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(Come on, I'm waiting for you)

Hearing Sean's understatement was like her scar being peeled by a torturer. Emily was left feeling embarrassed and in pain.    

She not only failed to make him fall in love with her again, but had earned his hatred instead. She had even become his disposable toy.    

They shared intimacy at times, and though their bodies could intertwine with no space between them, their hearts were as far apart as galaxies in the solar system. It seemed that their hearts would never meet again.    

Clamming up and presenting an indifferent attitude was her only defense against more pain from this abnormal relationship.   

 "There are seven days left." Sean gently reminded her of this most cruel fact,"You actually know that very well, don't you? It doesn't matter if it's true or not. You will know the truth in seven days' time." 

 His absolutely certain tone of voice sent her into a state of panic. She knew that she dared not wait seven days. It was impossible to wait for so long!    

"Sean, could you please give me a little more time?" She couldn't help pleading and even letting her guard down to show her weakness,"I don't want it to end like this. I'm begging you. Please give me a little more time..." 

   He sighed slightly,"Emily, it is not necessary for you to be doing this. I had warned you that your love was so fragile. It can be destroyed easily. All I did was a small trick, and your love was scattered like sand."    

He was the perpetrator of all this trauma, yet he acted with a cool indifference, as if he were just a bystander who played no part in it at all!  

Secretly enraged by his cowardice, she dared not reveal her emotions. Instead she begged,"I want to try again, okay? Can you give me a little more time, my dear brother..."    

She knew his weakness, so she restrained her disgust and called him "dear brother" in the hope that he would grant her request.   

 Upon hearing this endearing title, which he hadn't heard in such a long time, Sean drew in a deep breath. Excitement made his blood burn and he accepted her request. "Fine. I'll give you one more month."    

She couldn't believe it at first, and then she was full of joy. She had one more month. One more month!   

 "But don't get too excited. If you don't make it in one month, I will take you away from Z Country by myself."    

Her fingers clasped around the cellphone until they turned white. She replied very slowly with her teeth clenched,"I understand."  

"The longer it takes, the more desperate you will feel. Since it's my dear sister's request. I have no choice but to accept."    
"This is my own choice."   

 "I understand that you don't trust me completely. Why don't you ask Jacob to recall something? You may discover something different in him. Hmm?" his voice was filled with gloom and longing as he whispered like a demon's breath.  

  "You only need to give me time. That's enough!" she spoke in a quivering voice before hanging up.  

  In D Country, which was far from there, Sean looked at the phone in his hand, then he smiled somberly,"Emily, you can't escape from me."    

The more she suffered, the more desperate she would become..  

Once all her faith was crushed into pieces, then she could be reborn in a better way, couldn't she?    

He thought that her resolve would eventually soften and his expression became more tender, as he kissed the telephone receiver. Cradling the retro patterned phone in his hands he kissed the receiver as if it could join him through the phone line to Emily's hand.    "Come on. I'm waiting for you."   

 She had gained another month from Sean, and she was relieved by the solace which she had earned.   

 Pondering what to do next, she realized that she needed to work with a plan, and not plod on aimlessly.    

The next day was the date of the kindergarten's parents-child activity, so Emily asked the chauffeur to drive her over there at the required attendance time.  

She glanced casually in the rear-view mirror and realized that she was too pale. Carefully she refined her makeup.   

 She hoped that she could still attend activities with Beryl, given her weakened condition. As for Jacob... He should be very busy at this moment, shouldn't he?

    She took out her cellphone and stared at his name on the contact list, as if in a trance. She hesitated for a while, then she dialed the number.    

The moment the call was connected, she suddenly cut it off as if she just woke up from a dream.    

Meanwhile, Jacob was in a meeting, yet he heard the cellphone ring for once. He brought it closer to check immediately. 

When he saw her name on the screen, he smiled unconsciously.   

 As he expected, this woman still needed to call him.   

 If she didn't say something nice or beg him, he would not accept any of her requests for sure.  

So thinking, he was surprised as the call was cut off from the other side.    

He was greeted by silence,"..."  

  What did that mean? What the hell did that mean!?    

'Great! The stupid woman hung the phone up on me. How dare she!' he fumed quietly.   

 His face blackened like the bottom of a burnt frying pan, and the mood in the meeting quickly turned sour. Everyone was afraid that their boss would explode, given his being quite unpredictable lately.  

  However, he was not interested in the frightened employees sitting around the boardroom table. Instead he dialed Emily's number. When she answered the phone, he burst out angrily,"You stupid woman. Why did you call me?"  

He wanted to ask why she hung up on him, but that would sound as if he cared for her and wanted her to call him. He didn't want it to appear as if he looked forward to her call. So to save face he changed his question.    

Hearing his inquiry, she explained after a few seconds,"Sorry to bother you. I pressed the wrong number..."    

"Pressed the wrong number?" Jacob repeated the sentence word by word as if he were chewing on each syllable,"Is that your answer?"    

This answer infuriated him more than any other answer possibly could have.    Sensing his burning rage through the line, she wisely kept silent.  

  His eyebrows pinched together in a blind rage and ignoring the people in the meeting, he continued berating her,"I give you one more chance to reconsider your words."  

"I..." she paused, thinking quickly about what might soothe him and then replied with some hesitation,"In fact... today is the kindergarten's parent-child activity. I wanted to ask whether you have time to attend it?"    

Heaving a sigh, his face relaxed then, a sigh subconsciously mimicked by his nervous employees.    

"If you..."    He hadn't finished his sentence with "beg me", when he heard her gentle voice.    

"If you don't have time for it, then don't worry about it. It's not an important activity. I don't want to disturb your work."    

She spoke truthfully, but still felt a sense of disappointment. Fearing that he might not really want to come, so she had offered a convenient excuse for him.  

  In the past, Jacob had tried his best to fulfill any request she made, no matter how hard it was.  

But now, he was different.   

 Even a simple task like asking him to attend the parent-child activity was now fraught with danger. She was unsure whether he would agree or not, or whether he would suddenly become angry and lash out in a terrible temper fit.   

 Jacob felt his head was on fire when he heard her words, and he laughed in anger. "Since when do I need you to make decisions for me? Who says I don't have time? I have plenty of time!"  

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