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(I don't need an apology)

Emily rushed out of the kitchen as soon as she heard the loud crash. When she finally got there, however, she only saw Jacob's figure disappearing into the study.    

There were shards of the broken vase scattered across the floor. The servant would be coming by tomorrow morning, so Emily didn't bother cleaning up the mess herself.  

  Still, Emily couldn't help but ponder why Jacob was so angry.    

Her gaze fell down to the table nearby, and saw that newspaper had not yet been put away. There she unwittingly saw the headline talking about Jacob and another woman.    

Sadness swept through her.    

Even so, Emily didn't believe what others had to say.  

If Jacob really had a affair with Jennifer, they would have been together a long time ago. But in truth, they didn't fall in love with each other at all, at least Jacob didn't. Besides, the report said that Jennifer seemed to be four months pregnant. Obviously, it couldn't be Jacob's child because he was with her in the village four months ago.    

Following that logic, she didn't ask Jacob about the report.   

 That was because she thought it unnecessary to suspect him.   

 Little did Emily know that this was the reason behind Jacob's frustration and bursts of anger. He thought that Emily didn't care about him since she didn't show any hints of jealously towards with alleged "affair".    

Jacob didn't emerge from his study until late into the night. When he finally went to the bedroom, Emily was already fast asleep.  

He walked slowly towards the bed, careful not to wake up Emily. He gazed upon her, her cheeks flushing a rosy red. It was a peaceful moment -- one Jacob did not want to break.    

Jacob then remembered Emily ignorance, and couldn't help but clench his teeth with anger. Despite that, he carefully raised his hand to touch Emily's cheeks ever so slightly.    

Emily stirred a bit, mumbling in her sleep. But quickly dozed off again.    

Jacob became more and more unscrupulous and kept pinching her face until it turned totally red. It brought him some solace, and finally let his hand drop to his side.    

'You ingrate. I'll give you the cold shoulder in the following days as a punishment, '    

Jacob wanted to lie down to Emily so badly, her warmth, sweet smell and the suppleness of her skin. He did his best to hold back. He felt that he should be a man of integrity and endure his desire, so he turned around to walk out of the room and went back to his study. 

Tonight he decided to sleep in the study.  

This time, I won't give in and talk to you first unless you bow your head and coax me. Emily, you need to learn a lesson that I won't be softhearted to you anymore, ' he swore to himself.   

 Jacob kept his word the next morning. When they had breakfast, he kept quiet and didn't speak to Emily at all as if she wasn't there. He just distantly cast a look at her face and let his eyes settle upon their daughter, Beryl.    

Beryl sat between them and keenly noticed the unusual atmosphere between her parents. She couldn't help but ask in a confused tone, "Daddy, mommy, why aren't you speaking to each other?"    

Emily was about to answer, but then couldn't help but violently cough.  

Beryl immediately showed a worried expression on her face and figured that her mother had caught a cold. She made up a excuse for Emily, "Oh, I see. You don't want to talk with daddy because of your sore throat. Mom, you caught a cold, right?"   

 "Yes,"  Emily nodded and explained, "It's not serious and I will be fine soon."    

Beryl said earnestly, like a little adult, "Mom, you have to wear more clothes and cover yourself in lots of blankets at night."    

"Okay, I see. Thank you for your advice, Beryl,"  Emily replied with a big smile lingering on her beautiful face, her heart bathed in warmth. Beryl was like a sunlight shining in her dark life, and always gave her the courage to move on when she was about to give up.  

  "By the way, remember to take medicine,"  Beryl reminded.  

"Well, alright, I will do as you wish,"  Emily said obediently.    

Listening to his daughter's remarks, Jacob sneered, "How old are you? Are you still a child so that you need another child to remind you to take care of yourself? Emily, aren't you ashamed?" 

   Emily occasionally kicked the quilt when she was asleep in the evening. He had tucked her in numerous times. But since Jacob kept sleeping in his study these past few nights, no one was there to tuck her in.    

So Emily caught a cold just because he didn't sleep by her side.    

Emily was stunned when she heard Jacob's words. For a moment, she couldn't figure out whether Jacob was mocking her or actually cared about her. After a while, she finally said, "I'm sorry, I'll take better care of myself in the future."    

Jacob's face suddenly darkened.  

'Sorry? Fuck it! What I want is not an apology! Are you stupid?   

 You deserve to catch a cold without me sleeping with you. Damn it! You are really a foolish woman, ' Jacob thought to himself.    

"Mommy, daddy, our kindergarten has a parent-child activity tomorrow. You must be there on time,"  Beryl said, recalling her teacher's instructions. "The teacher said she hasn't seen you both come to the kindergarten together yet,"  she added earnestly.    

Jacob looked at Emily quietly as he heard the words. He bit his thin lips and waited her to beg him.  

  'Silly woman, just open your mouth and beg.   

 If you just beg, I will put off all my work and accompany you to the kindergarten, and though I'm reluctant, but I will also forgive your indifference these past couple of days, ' Jacob thought.  

Emily seemed to mistake his look for a refusal. She sighed softly and rubbed Beryl's little head with her slender fingers, and said, "Daddy's busy, so maybe he doesn't have time to go to the kindergarten with us. But I will go with you, okay?"  

  Emily's self-righteous words annoyed Jacob. He got even angrier. When did he tell her that he was busy?    

'Is Emily stupid as a pig? I gave her such a good chance to regain my love, but she decidedly threw it away. She's so foolish!'   

 Jacob was overwhelmed with rage, which almost drove him mad, but he could not vent his anger in front of Beryl.    "I'm done,"  Jacob put his chopsticks on the table and stood up. He left right away, without glancing back at Emily.  

  Just after a few steps he had took, Jacob heard his daughter's disappointed voice coming from behind, "Dad really is busy. He doesn't even have time to eat breakfast with me."  

Jacob paused and had a strong desire to turn around and tell Beryl that he was not busy at all.    

But it was too disgraceful for him to say that.   

 But if Emily tried to keep him, he was willing to stay here and have a good time with them...    

"Yes, so you have to understand your daddy,"  Emily comforted Beryl gently, "You can see your daddy every day. 

That's enough, isn't it? So we can't force your daddy to attend the parent-child activity. Do you understand?"   

 Jacob stood still for a while, but didn't receive any hints from Emily. His heart surged with anger, but there was no place for him to vent it.  

He clenched his teeth and walked quickly out of the villa with long strides.    If he still stayed at the villa, he was afraid that he would be angrier because of Emily's dull nerves.    

Soon after, Jacob went to the company, Beryl went to the kindergarten too, leaving Emily alone in the empty house. As the time went by, she got nervous for some reason.    

She went back to her room and leafed through her calendar. With some thought, she decided to call Sean.   

Sean answered the phone within half a minute. The man's low, gentle voice came through the line and rang in Emily's ear, which seemed to wrap Emily in a magic spell.    

"Emily, I'm guessing you called me because you want me to pick you up and bring you back to D Country, right?" Sean asked in a teasing tone.  

"No,"  Emily took a deep breath and asked, "Sean, I want to know whether you have played a trick on me or not. Jacob has done a general check-up, but the results showed that there wasn't a chip in his brain."    

Sean sneered, "My poor girl, why are you still so naive? Do you think it's necessary for me to tell a lie?"    

"God knows." Though Emily couldn't make sure that Jacob was safe now, she pretended to be confident and said firmly, "After all, you can do everything to achieve your goal. Perhaps you told me a lie just for fun, or you wanted to scare me. Who knows why you would do something like that?"    

"I think you know me well enough not to doubt what I say to you,"  Sean said with pleasure. He seemed to be in a good mood, and his voice was full of joy, "Maybe you are trying to cheat on yourself, my dearest sister."    

Emily bit her lip and kept quiet. Sean continued, "You wished that it was all nonsense, and Jacob wouldn't die when the day came. In other words, you haven't succeed in making Jacob fall in love with you in a month, have you?"  

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