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(Godamn sweet woman)

At his harsh words, Emily's eyebrows furrowed together in distress, and she tried to explain, "It's not what you think. You have misunderstood me..."    

Jacob's eyes grew fierce and they held her captive in their glare as he sneered, "Misunderstood? Didn't you go to visit your ex-boyfriend today? Obviously, you still love him, don't you?"   

 "I don't!" Speaking with emphasis on every word, she explained, "How could I still love him? You are being so ridiculous!"    

"It's you who has acted ridiculously, in the first place!" His mouth gashed into an ironic smile as he continued, "I don't really care if you want to go visit your ex. 

You can do that as much as you like. You can seduce him as much as you like, but why did you have to take my daughter with? What did you hope to gain from this?"  

"I've told you I don't love him and I don't want anything at all!" She could no longer restrain her anger at being misunderstood by him yet again! Finally, she lost her temper which had been strained by being held so tightly bridled for such a long time.  

  Not giving him any further chance to argue, she walked up to him purposefully. Standing on her toes, she reached up, gripped him tightly by the shoulders, and kissed him passionately. Her teeth grazed his lips as she vented her rage on him.    

What started as a kiss turned into a true bite! She tasted his blood on her lips and craved more.    

She became like a ferocious cat, and armed in the moment with sharp claws and teeth. She disarmed his words and silenced him thoroughly.    

For several seconds he was stunned by her sheer bravado. He had never thought that she would act so sensually, or be capable of such a ravenous act! Without any further hesitation he pushed her onto the nearby sofa and bit her back.  


 There were no more words as they devoured each other passionately...    

His teeth masticated her lips, but also left indelible marks on her cheek and chin like a punishment for her misdeeds.

    In the throws of their passion, Jacob looked at the marks and felt an intense pride, like she had been branded with his mark. She belonged to him alone now.    'Of course, she is mine!    

No one could take her away from me!   

 No one could do that. Not even your ex-boyfriend, Jack. What a jerk!' he thought quite aggressively.    

After several minutes of frenzied attention, their lips and faces were inflamed with scratches.  

He sucked on the cuts along his lips and thought contentedly, 'What a Goddamn sweet woman you are!'    

She touched her cheek and chin gingerly and asked angrily, "Jacob, are you a dog?"   

 "That's exactly what I wanted to ask you,"  he said. Rubbing his lips with his fingers, he bantered, "If I were a dog, then you must be a dog, too."  

  Emily licked her lips and complained, "Then you must be a French poodle! They always hump everything that they can find."    

Knowing what she meant, he humphed and taunted, "Clearly you would know. Am I a French poodle, or a wolf? Which do you think? But if you dare visit your ex once more, I promise that I shall bite you like a wolf!"    

To emphasize his threat, he lowered his head and bit her collarbone lightly.    

She frowned suddenly as insight dawned and she asked tentatively as he released her, "Jacob, are you... Are you jealous of Jack?"  

His eyes narrowed, but he said casually, "For you? I did not know that you thought so highly of yourself."   

 Emily stared searchingly into his voluminous eyes, as if she could gaze into his very heart. Suddenly she exclaimed in excitement, "You are jealous of him! Please admit that. You are a little fond of me now, right?"    

"Don't over-think please,"  he said indifferently, and turned around to avoid her knowing eyes.    

She stared at him pensively for a second and then bit her lip in speculation. She flinched, but could still taste their mingled blood there. "Jacob, I don't know what you are thinking. I can't figure it out, either. But I hope that you don't keep me waiting for too long. I really don't have much time left."    

He suddenly shut his eyes tightly as he felt a sense of impending doom. Coldly he asked, "What do you mean? Don't play mind games with me! Just tell me straight!"  

A slow smile filtered across her face. It beamed with both relief and sadness. 

Impulsively she embraced him tightly and then said, "Nothing serious. I just needed to straighten out my thinking. I would like to give you all of my love. I can merely hope that you will return my love in kind, right?"   

 'It's okay. Even if you don't love me the same.   

 We once loved each other abundantly. At least, I still have those sweet memories. Life is just like that. We cannot expect to have everything, right?' she reasoned with her own heart.  

  Her main concern now was that Sean had perhaps lied to her. She worried about Jacob's health, as the full spectrum check-up had not revealed anything out of the ordinary.    

'What if the machine just failed to identify it?' she thought anxiously.  

She would do anything not to risk Jacob's life.    

Hearing her request he did not pull back, but looked at her sadly. "Love? Does it really exist in this world? Don't shoot for the moon,"  he said coldly.    

Slowly she released him and forced the illusion of composure. She studied the handsome and successful man in front of her, and for a moment, she felt that her Jacob was back. The one who once loved her so deeply.    

"Then just let me aim at the moon please,"  she said.    


Emily's words had left Jacob with an unsettled feeling that something bad was looming on the horizon.    

However, she did not disclose any further information, no matter how much he pushed her.    

'What did she mean?  

What did she mean by 'don't have much time left'?' he puzzled at the problem.   

Early the next morning, he could not stand the uncertainty any more and called doctors to give her a full physical examination, thinking that maybe she was not well. The doctors concluded that though she was not as strong and hale as she should be, but she was not in any immediate danger. Nothing that some rest and good nutrition couldn't repair.    

The results did little to allay his suspicions, and he even wondered if the doctors had perhaps made a mistake. 

The lead physician had served the Gu family for many years though and was an expert in his field. 'There must be something wrong with her!' he mentally agonized.    

After the first batch of tests, Jacob carried her to the next lab at the hospital, as she was not fully awake.   

 "What on earth are you doing? I'm not sick!" she protested.   

She felt really sleepy though and kept yawning behind her small hand. It seemed that she would drift off to sleep any second now.  

The sight of her rosy cheeks and hearing her sleepy voice provided some relief and comfort to him.    

With her safely supported in his arms, and her head resting on his chest, he countered amicably, "You are not a doctor. How would you know whether you are sick or not? Just lie still and wait for the next test results."    

Fed up with all the poking and prodding, drawing of blood, and being attached to measuring devices, she struggled in his arms. Defiantly Emily spoke, "I don't want to have another examination. I'm not sick. I mean it!"    

He was really confused now, 'If Emily is actually healthy, then why would she say things like before? 'I don't have much time left.' What does it mean, if not that she was seriously ill?' he worried at the nagging problem.    

The more she refused to have the examination, the more he felt that she was hiding something from him!  

"Regardless of whether you are ill, or not, you spent time with you ex-boyfriend yesterday. Perhaps he gave you an infection of some kind as a parting gift. So I'm not taking any chances. I insist that you complete the full series of tests today!" he demanded resolutely.  

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