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(There is no hate)

Having noticed Beryl's words of concern for her, a faint smile appeared on Emily's face. She asked Beryl to stand up while she remained on her knees.    

Emily arranged all her offerings neatly. It was all the food Andrew and Debby loved to eat before they died. "Dad, Mom, I'm sorry. I know your favorite daughter is Tina, and you probably don't want me to oppose her." Emily accidentally spilled wine in front of the tombstone, with a trace of sadness in her eyes. 

"I don't want to go against you, but I just want to avenge your death." A cold breeze came in and rustled the dry leaves in the corner. Emily took a deep breath and stood up to hold her daughter in her arms. Since she didn't want Beryl to hear anything that would upset her, she leaned towards their tombstones, and spoke under her breath. "Dad, Mom, Tina is nowhere to be found. I probably won't be able to avenge your deaths anymore. A lot has happened since you left this world. I've been so busy with adjusting to all the changes that I haven't been able to come and pay my respects more often. I hope you can forgive me."  

Nobody knew what would happen to her and Jacob, thus she couldn't promise her parents anything.   

 Emily looked at the black and white photographs on the tombstone. Her eyes shifted to the side again and became glazed with a glassy layer of tears. As she blinked, they dripped from her eyelids and slid down her cheeks. "Dad, Mom, good-bye for now." She made up her mind that she would try her best no matter what would happen to her and Jacob.  

  Emily did not stay in the cemetery for a long time. The death of her parents had always been a subject of great pain to her. The mere thought of Tina used to fill her up with hate. But then, she stopped carrying that hateful poison with her. She seemed to have lost all her strength and her ability to hate. Jacob was the only focal point of her priorities. All she wanted was for him to live a happy life. 

Only by solving the problem caused by Sean, could she really settle down and think about something else.  

Soon Emily left the cemetery with Beryl.    On the way back, Emily suddenly thought of a man and asked the driver to take them to a luxury private hospital. 

Before long, they arrived at the gate of the hospital. After hesitating for a moment, Emily bought flowers and fruits near the hospital, and then went inside the hospital building with Beryl.    

"Mommy, are we here to visit a patient?" Beryl seemed puzzled.    

"Yes,"  Emily answered. "Beryl, do you remember Uncle Jack?"    

Beryl nodded her head excitedly. "Yes! He saved me and took me to my father!"    "That's right." Emily found out about what had happened to Beryl from Jacob.

 She wanted to see Jack because he had gotten injured while protecting Beryl. 

'Although Jack has hurt us before, I can't deny the fact that he put his own life in danger while trying to save Beryl. If anything, I'm not here to forgive his past sins, but to thank him.'  

"So we're here to visit Uncle Jack, aren't we?" Beryl tilted her a little and took a guess.    

Emily nodded at Beryl and then asked the nurse about Jack's ward. When they arrived at his ward, they were unexpectedly stopped at the door before they could even get in.   

 Several bodyguards dressed in black stood guard at the door of the ward, like statues, expressionless and stock-still. But if someone tried to get close to the ward, they would be stopped immediately.    

"No visitors allowed. Strict orders from Master Jack. He doesn't want to see anyone,"  said one of the bodyguards.  

"So we're here to visit Uncle Jack, aren't we?" Beryl tilted her a little and took a guess.    

Emily's face remained calm and unchanged. "Oh, he'll definitely see me. Please tell your master that it's Emily."  

 The bodyguard wouldn't have made any further responses to Emily had it not been for the look of certainty and determination on her face. He stared her down quickly and then went inside to inform Jack.    

In less than a minute, the bodyguard rushed out and politely said to Emily, "I'm sorry, Miss Emily, Master Jack doesn't want to see you."    

"Doesn't want to see me?" Emily caught by surprise. 'Why doesn't Jack want to see me? What happened?' Emily wondered. Nobody besides Emily knew just how much Jack was obsessed with her. 'Jack refused to see me. What's going on with him?'   

 "I see. Well then, sorry for the inconvenience,"  Emily said to the bodyguard. Since Jack didn't want to see her, she couldn't force him to change his mind. She turned around to leave with Beryl. But suddenly Beryl shouted to the inside of the ward, "Uncle Jack, I am Beryl! I'm coming to see you! Why don't you let me in?"  

Beryl's words were followed by the sound of something falling to the ground inside the ward.    

Emily frowned, with an embarrassed look on her face. "Beryl, we're in a hospital. 

You need to keep your voice down. You shouldn't disturb the patients."    

Beryl bite her tongue apologetically. 

"Mom, I'm sorry. I was just in a hurry. I won't do it again."  

  Emily intended to give Beryl a good talking to, when a bodyguard respectfully interrupted her. "Miss, Master Jack has invited you in."    

Emily was taken by surprise again. 'Why did Jack change his mind so quickly? Is it just because he heard Beryl's voice?' 

 Without further ado, Emily walked in with Beryl. They did not see Jack, however, only a thin curtain, concealing a hazy figure behind it.   

 "I never thought you would come to see me on your own." The taunting voice of the figure was dripping in sarcasm.    

Emily recognized Jack's voice, and a strange feeling emerged in her heart. "I came here to thank you for saving Beryl." Jack smiled bitterly. "You don't need to thank me for that. I saved her because I wanted to. If you've come here to see just for that, you can go now."    

Emily sensed a hint of discontent in his words. She couldn't help asking, "Why are you hiding behind a curtain?" "I..." 

Jack seemed to be concealing his emotions. "I just don't want to see you, otherwise I will lose control over my mind again. Emily, I have decided to give up on you. I don't ever want to see you or Jacob again. I hope that you have a happy future. Please, forget me. Forget the pain and sorrow I've brought to you. 

Just pretend that whatever happened between us was just a dream. I wasn't meant to be in your life."  

Such a sad tone made Emily's heart tremble, and her intuition was telling her that he was hiding something from her.  

  Beryl, however, crawled under the curtain to relieve her puzzlement, before either of them knew it. "Uncle Jack, I've come to see you. Why are you hiding behind this curtain? Uncle... What happened to your legs?" As soon as Beryl's words registered in Emily's brain she realized something terrible had happened to Jack. Without hesitating, she walked closer and pulled the curtains open.    

At the same time when Jack noticed Emily he quickly rushed and screamed impatiently, "Don't come in here! Don't look at me!"   

But Emily didn't listen to Jack and finally saw him sitting in a wheelchair with deathly pale face. His cheeks had sunk in, and his eyes were puffy. He looked discomfited and dispirited, no longer vigorous as the man he once was. He sat still in an abnormal twisted position as if his legs were numb.  

Emily eyes stretched wide as far as they could in shock. "Jack, what happened to you?"  

  Disappointed, Jack breathed a sigh of resignation. After a while, he closed his eyes and rested his back on the wheelchair. "I don't want you to see... 

what I am now." Jack's disability had led him to believe that he was no longer capable of competing with Jacob for Emily. He had thought about giving up on Emily before, but he just couldn't bring himself to say goodbye to her. Although he despairingly told Emily his decision, he was still reluctant to stop loving her.   

 Emily stared at Jack in disbelief, unable to find the right words to respond. "Beryl, come here. Don't disturb Uncle Jack anymore. Just let him rest." The muffled sobs wracked against Beryl's chest. 

"Uncle Jack, you won't be able to walk anymore. This is all because of me, isn't it?"  

"No, it's not your fault,"  Jack looked at Beryl gently and comforted her. "I'll be able to walk and jump again when I get well. Please don't blame yourself." He wiped her tears with his trembling, sickly fingers. "Don't cry, my little angel. You will look so much prettier when you're not crying." Beryl's blinking lashes were heavy with tears. "Is that true, Uncle Jack?"    

"Of course it's true. Everything will be okay, you'll see." There was sadness hiding in Jack's eyes. 'I wish it were true.

 Unfortunately, it's just words to trick you, my love.'    

Emily held Beryl in silence, rocking her slowly and coaxing her to go out and play. Although, Beryl was hesitant, she walked out to give them privacy. There was absolute stillness in the room as Emily stared into Jack's eyes and her heart fell silent. Emily approached Jack slowly, not knowing what expression to make, and asked, "Did you hurt your legs when you were trying to protect Beryl?"  

Jack sat there, unable to will his lips to move. But even in his silence, Jack's lack of words gave Emily her answer.  

  "I'm sorry." Emily knew that an apology could not ease Jack's pain, but it was the only thing she could offer him.   

 "Don't apologize. I did it voluntarily." Jack tensed his facial muscles as if he was suppressing his emotions. "I deserve it." 

Emily was a little distressed. "Will you be able to walk in the future?" 

  "Maybe I can't stand up in the rest of my life." Jack laughed at himself bitterly, and his voicegradually was filled with hatred, "I hate Jacob." 'Jacob is the reason I am sitting on this wheelchair today. He robbed me of everything. Love, career, power... I have nothing left but my disabled legs.'    

"I wish Jacob had killed me so I wouldn't have to live in such disgrace."  

"No, don't say that. There's hope as long as you're alive, isn't there?" Emily felt guilt surging up in her heart. "You've lost your legs because you saved my daughter. I will do everything in my power to compensate you."    

"Compensate? Do you think there's anything you can do to compensate me now?" Jack said painfully. His awkward appearance broke Emily's heart and he didn't want to let her see his fragility any more. "Emily, why are you still defending Jacob?"    

Emily shook her head without a conscious thought. "I didn't defend him..."    

"Yes, you did." Jack stared into her eyes and said word by word, "You know it was Jacob who rammed into me and Beryl with his car. Do you know what would have happened if I hadn't pushed Beryl away?"    

Emily's face turned pale in a flash.  

Jack's heart was full of resentment. "He didn't even think twice about killing his own daughter. How can you forgive him?"    

"No, that's not true,"  Emily clenched her lip tight. "That's not what he wanted. He had his reasons..." "Then what were his reasons?" Jack could hardly control his temper anymore. Jack thought this time he would be strong enough to face Emily but he had lost his ability to think clearly the moment he laid eyes on her. 'This is not fair. How can Jacob be forgiven after everything he has done?'   

 Emily decided to keep Jacob's reason a secret from Jack. She had no choice other than to keep silent, but it seemed to Jack that she was being partial to Jacob. "Emily, why can't you be partial to me?" Jack wanted to get up and pull her in his arms, but his disabled legs had stopped him. His heart grieved. 'How could I forget that I am just a disabled person now?'    

Suddenly, Emily reached out and patted his shoulder. Her movements eased his impending outburst of emotion. "Jack, do you regret sacrificing your legs to save Beryl?" "I have never regretted..." 

Jack responded straightaway.  

"It's all right if you do,"  Emily pointed out his real thought. "No one would willingly lose the ability to walk. I admit that Jacob and I are sorry for you, and we need to thank you."   

 Jack's mind was blank and the light in his eyes had died. In his heart-wrenching silence, he seemed to have been engulfed in black air. "Yes, you are all sorry for me. Everyone is sorry for me! I hate... all of you! I should have stood by that night. How wonderful would it have been if Jacob had killed his own daughter?"    

Dumbfounded by his words, Emily drew her hand and slapped him across the face without thinking. Jack stared into Emily's eyes burning with anger, and his heart fell silent again.    

Soon, Jack's eyes turned maliciously red.  

He roared in his heart, 'Why? Why did I agree to see her?  

  I keep telling myself that things will be different this time.   

 She always brings out the worst in me.'

    Meanwhile, Emily's cold eyes tortured his soul, causing him a great deal of pain.    

'God, why do you torture me like this?   

 Is it my destiny to be hurt by Emily again and again?'   

 "How can you say that in front of me?" 
she said. Emily was shaking furiously.

 Whatever sympathy she had for him had now completely disappeared. "I won't allow you to talk like that about my daughter, even though you've save her!" 

   Emily eyes had frozen over, robbing them of their usual warmth. "??Don't forget that you killed my other child."  

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