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(She's heroin)

Jacob stood still. His body stiffened and his heart skipped a beat as a set of female arms embraced him from behind.    

He sneered at her contemptuously and said, "Love? I don't believe in love. Stop being such a baby."    

Jacob grabbed her hands to push them away but she tightened her grip. She refused to let him walk away from her. 

   "You do! You knew what love is. You've just forgotten what it feels like because of me." Emily was too sad to cry out or wail. She just stood there as still as a statue while the magnitude of her loss swept over her.   

 Jacob melted into soundless oblivion with nothing to grab onto.    

But he didn't want to lose his dignity and pride in front of her so he forcibly pushed her arms away and threw her to the bed before he walked out.  

Disappointment appeared on Emily's face as she helplessly watched him walk away from her.   

 'Anyway, it is a step forward.' Emily comforted herself in her mind.    

The result of Jacob's full-body examination came out positive. Did this mean that Sean lied to her?    

Or, could it be that the problem Jacob had was beyond the capacity of the medical equipments in the hospital to discover?    

However, Emily would rather accept that this was another one of Sean's contemptible lie rather than the possibility that there was something wrong with Jacob.   

 Nevertheless, she would have to get to the bottom of it sooner or later.  

Ever since that day, Jacob had frozen Emily out. His coldness was quite obvious even to Beryl who sensed that there was something strange going on between her mother and father. But as Beryl was just a naive, little girl. It wasn't too hard for Emily to convince her otherwise with just a simple explanation.   

 Jacob was switching in between two versions of himself. He and Emily had almost no conversation by day, but he was hot with Emily in the bed at night.  

  Jacob couldn't tell why he was obsessed with Emily. Was it because of her body? He just knew that his heart ached to be with her when he didn't see her.    

But the night would take away his cold disposition and replace it with a lustful beast. He took her like an animal. Her head rocked back against the pillow as he did, and the first moan escaped her lips. It was the only way Jacob knew how to quench his thirst.  

"Jacob! Jacob..." Emily called his name, and she grabbed the back of his neck, whimpering in pleasure. He grew larger and harder inside, changing her breathing with every thrust, and hearing her moans timed to his body. "Do you love me?"    

Emily repeated the question every night, and she wouldn't stop until she had gotten her answer.    

Jacob acknowledged her question with a condescending sneer, but he did not give her an answer. Instead, he moved faster and harder.    

"Jacob! Ahhh!" Emily shivered in pure ecstasy after she exploded between her thighs. A hint of red appeared in her eyes as tiny drops of tears trickled down her face. She begged him to go slower.    

How could Jacob follow what she had said   after her flushed and dewy eyes only urged him to move faster?  

She cried silently underneath him. Her body was his for the taking.    

After a while, Emily passed out when she could not take it anymore. Her eyes and nose were red, indicating that she had been crying for a while.    

Jacob leaned in and kissed every inch of her face where her tears fell, and slowly held her in his arms. He failed to notice his own gentleness towards her at this moment.    

He really didn't hate being with this woman.    

He somewhat liked how she made him feel.    

No matter how bad his mood was, her presence would instantly brighten up his day. Some bad habits were harder to discard than the others. Sometimes no matter how hard people tried, they couldn't unlearn the bad habits because they had gotten addicted to the feeling. 

 It seemed as though Emily was his drug. One touch and the intoxication was instant.   

 Jacob didn't care about her thoughts, just as long as he could get his way with her at the moment.    

As long as he didn't get tired of her, he would never let her run away from him.    ...    

The bright sun ushered in a new day.    When Emily woke up, there was no one else next to her in bed. The cold part of the bed told her that Jacob had left a long time ago.    

This didn't come as a surprise to her. In fact, she had already gotten used to waking up alone.    

Today Emily wanted to take Beryl to the cemetery to pay respect to her foster parents, Mr. and Mrs. Bai. It had been almost five years since they passed away.  

It also meant that she and Jacob had been together almost five years now.    Time flew quietly and stole away all the beautiful memories, and left a debris of the past in a mess.    

Jacob knew that Emily was resolved to be with him, so he was sure that she would never leave him. As a result, he didn't even have to order the maids to keep an eye on her or limit her right to go out freely. It was no wonder that Emily was able to leave Tyrone Mansion with Beryl without any resistance.    

Emily still remembered where the cemetery was, and she arrived there in a taxi. She smiled, recalling the fact that Jacob had chosen this cemetery for her foster parents.    

The news of their passing hit her like an electro-magnetic pulse, shutting down her brain from the inside. What followed next was the firm grip of desolation, engulfing her entire body.  

Despite the fact that they weren't her biological parents, Emily still loved them unconditionally.  

  Their death had left a void in her soul that even to this day she couldn't fill.    Jacob had dealt with all the formalities of her parents' funeral.  

  Emily took a long, deep breath when she recalled the past, as she led Beryl to their tombstones.    

Beryl held Emily's hand tightly. Her eyes widened, full of curiosity and puzzlement, and she asked, "Mommy, didn't you tell me that you were gonna take me to see grandpa and grandma? Why are we here? I'm scared."   

 "Don't be scared, Beryl,"  said Emily. As she bent over and held her up, Emily continued, "Grandpa and grandma will always protect the both of us from harm."  

"Grandpa and grandma are angels now, and they are invisible. Of course you can't see them." Soon after, Emily arrived in front of their tombstone with Beryl in her arms. She put Beryl down and said, "They're resting in there."    

Beryl was too young to understand the meaning of death properly. If Emily had tried to explain it to her, Beryl might have understood parts of it. But she decided she would leave that discussion for a later part in their lives when Beryl was a little older.   

 "Dad and Mom, I'm here to see you now. I'm sorry for not coming to see you in many years." Tears streamed down her face as soon as the last word left her mouth, but she wiped them away at once.   

 Beryl, however, noticed her mother's sadness. She looked at the black-and-white picture of a middle-aged couple on the tombstone. All of a sudden, Beryl held Emily's hand tightly to comfort her, as if she just realized something.  

"Mommy, don't cry. I will protect you in the future."   

 "Thank you, Beryl."    Beryl got down on her knees in front of their tombstone and said, "Grandpa and grandma, I'm Beryl. 

This is my first time to meet you, but I already feel very close to you. Mommy and I will come to visit you more often." 

   After she finished her words, she placed the flower, which she picked up on the way, in front of the tombstone. 

Then she continued, "This beautiful yellow flower is my gift to you."    

Emily was deeply touched by Beryl's words. She knelt down slowly against the tombstone and started praying.    

Beryl didn't understand what her mother was doing, but she followed what Emily did as well. With folded hands in a prayer position, Beryl said, "Grandpa and grandma, I hope you can protect mommy and bless her with a healthy and happy life."  

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