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(Love me again)

Although Jacob promised to have a check-up in the hospital, Emily couldn't shake of the anxiety that had gripped her body. She held on to his arm desperately as if he would disappear if she let go.

    Jacob extinguished his lust, and held her in his strong arms. His body was warm and toned as he hugged her, comforting to the touch.   

 As Jacob patted her on the back, Emily's breathing slowed. It was impossible to stay anxious or upset with him around. Then as her eyelids became heavy and drooped, he cuddled her until she fell asleep again.   

 But even in her sleep, she still had a frown on her face. Jacob couldn't understand what was wrong with her but his heart ached for her nonetheless. He gave her a soft kiss on the forehead and held her tight.  


Why did his heart ache for her?   

 Jacob pondered why he was having such feelings for his woman, and he had a gut feeling that he had forgotten something very important.    

Whatever it was, he had to get to the bottom of it.    He needed to know the reason why he felt so confused about Emily. 

  He wanted absolute control and mastery when it came to the relationship.   


The following morning, Jacob kept his promise to have a comprehensive physical examination. The outcome of which showed that his body was indeed very healthy.    

As he looked the examination report, his only thought was if Emily knew the results, how would she feel about it? 

Before long, Jacob took the report back to Tyrone Mansion.    

Having been physically and mentally depleted, Emily was still in deep slumber. But even in her sleep her face was as pure and beautiful as an angel's.    

"No..." She uttered a sudden murmur, as if she was trapped in a nightmare. Her cheeks were wet and her body was drenched in cold sweat.    

Soon her breathing increased rapidly and became gasps of breath.    

Jacob's worried frown on his face gave him away. He put his hand on Emily's forehead to take her temperature. The fact that she didn't catch a fever set his mind at rest.    

Once again, Jacob's touch comforted Emily and she slowly eased up again.   

 "Troublesome woman, so that's what you want, huh?"  

In spite of his displeasure, he gently wiped the sweat from her forehead with a handkerchief and then sat on the bed quietly watching her sleeping face.    

A few minutes later, Jacob realized that he had completely forgotten why he was there in the first place. He wanted to show Emily his physical examination report, but he got distracted by her beautiful face.   

 'Why am I so into this woman?    

It's as if she controls my heart.    

No, I can't give myself to a woman. Not her, not anyone.'    

Jacob was known for being heartless, domineering and free-spirited.   

He leaned forward and poked Emily's face. He loved the feeling of her soft and warm cheeks.  

'Emily seems to have lost a lot of weight lately. She looks as thin as a rake. She'll have to bring some changes into her diet if she wants to go back to having a healthy body, ' Jacob thought to himself. 

   He rubbed and squeezed Emily's face like a kneading dough and her face became rosy because of what he did.  

  As Emily woke up from her sleep, her eyes greeted Jacob in a daze. It took her a moment to shed the sleep from her brain, but Jacob found her drowsy face utterly lovely and so he squeezed her cheeks once again. "What are you doing?"   

 Emily's baffled expression amused Jacob.   

 This time he did not forget what he wanted to show her. He pulled out the examination report and put it in front of her. "Check this out. I've fulfilled my promise."    

Emily rubbed the remainders of sleep from her eyes and looked at the papers in front of her. When she finally realized what it was she snatched it from the table and gave it a thorough reading.  

"All normal..."    

Surprised, Emily's eyes widened and she could believe her eyes. "How is that possible?"    

"You seem disappointed,"  Jacob's cold voice echoed. "You want me die as soon as possible, so you can leave me, right?"    
"Of course not. Please believe me when I say that I want you live well more than anyone else!" Emily said firmly. Her eyes were full of love and affection.   

 Jacob peered into her with an unwavering stare, observing whether she was speaking the truth or not.   

 From the looks of it, she wasn't lying.   

 Over the years, Jacob had seen and met so many people that he could just judge a persons' character with one glance. But for some reason, he always had doubts about Emily.  

'Why? Has this woman ever betrayed me?' Jacob wondered.    

Jacob suddenly swept her off her feet and leaned in close to her face. Their warm breaths mingled into one. "Are you keeping something from me? Huh?"    Emily tried to explain, "I...... "    

Jacob cut her short. "You'd better think twice and then give me an answer. Don't lie to me, Emily."    

Emily bit her lip, carefully mulling over what to say.    

'Should I tell him the truth?    

or make up a story to appease him?'    She hesitated about telling him the truth because of Sean's warning.  

  She was so lost in her own thoughts that she didn't realize her teeth had cut into her lip and drops of blood were dripping on her chin.  

"Stop! Don't hurt yourself." To stop her from biting her lips, Jacob slammed his lips into hers and gently licked the blood off.    

Her cherry-red lips, sweet and plush like jelly as he remembered, made him want to taste them again and again. But Jacob refrained, and peered straight into her eyes.    

"You haven't answered my question yet."    Emily stopped musing and said, "I... I don't want to lie to you, but I also don't want to explain everything right now. Can you give me a little time?"    

Jacob narrowed his eyes at her, perhaps to observe her facial expression and said, "No."   

 Emily avoided his gaze and murmured, "I'm sorry."  

After a long silence, Jacob released her and asked, "Then tell me. Why do you want to be with me?"    

Emily was still at a loss for words, but the sorrow in her eyes gave her away.   

 Jacob sat there in an attitude of profound distress. The tension in the room continued to mount drastically and it was becoming difficult to breathe.    'Why can't she just tell me the truth?    

Whatever. I don't care anymore.' Jacob's frustration was apparent.    

Jacob turned around to leave when Emily suddenly embraced him from the back to stop him from leaving.   

 "Don't leave. All right, I'll tell you."    

Jacob could have easily pushed Emily away without any effort, but he stood there on the spot.   

 All he wanted was an explanation.  

Emily pressed against his back. His warm body gave her support. She took a deep breath and said, "I only have one wish. I want you to love me.  

Jacob, love me again.

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