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 Season 6

Episode 100

(Deeply in love with him)

Jacob's body responded more quickly than his brain did. He pressed the switch again and listened to all their conversations. What he heard not only shocked him but also roused his curiosity.    

He began to wonder the meaning behind those words.   

 'Sean put a chip in my head to blackmail Emily, and they made a bet.   

 If Emily can make me fall in love with her again within one month, Sean will concede defeat and leave us alone. 

If Emily fails, she'll have to go back to Sean, or my life will be in danger.'    

"Oh no! Emily, you foolish girl,"  Jacob murmured, "How could you fall for such a lie?"    

Jacob couldn't describe his feelings at the time, but he could feel all kinds of thoughts whirling inside his head, as if something was trying to manipulate him.  

Fragments pieced together in his mind, and Jacob struggled to think back, but what he got was intense pain and endless rage.   

 'Perhaps what Sean and Emily said was true, and a chip was really in my brain all along...'    

Jacob forced himself to stop thinking about it too much. But his intuition was telling him that his life was going to be in danger as long as he had something controlling his mind.   

 'I must get to the bottom of this!'    

Jacob, immediately called for the experts for a thorough investigation, but the results bore no fruit. All the tests showed that he was physically fit and there weren't any signs of any anomaly in his mind.    

Jacob wasn't too happy with the results, but he wasn't surprised either. He sneered in his heart, 'Well, if the chip inside my head could be found easily, they would have found it by now.  

Maybe the chip is tucked away in a secluded corner of my brain, so my doctor couldn't find it when Emily told him that I had a thought controlling chip in my brain. And the docter only thought Emily was talking nonsense because her mind wasn't in a healthy state at that time.    

If what she was telling was true, then I have been horrible to Emily all along for no reason. Then she must have been right about my lost memories as well.'  

  A quiet rage brewed inside him, as Jacob couldn't shake off the feeling of guilt in his heart. He collected himself, however, because he knew that thinking about the past would only waste valuable time.    

'There are far more important things that I need to do to set things right.' Jacob's resolve grew stronger.  


The news of Jacob's resignation as the president spread throughout the city like wildfire. He used to be an important factor in keeping the country's economic lifeline in balance. 

With the sudden departure from his position, the business circles failed to keep control and once again the entire economy was thrown into chaos.    

Although, the foreigners had a different attitude altogether. Some people took pleasure in his misfortune and some felt sorry, while the others sought a chance to add insult to injury. 

Different people with varying self-interest and agendas treated him differently.   

 When Emily read the news about Jacob's resignation in the newspaper, she almost had a panic attack. She paced around the room as if there was a hurricane raging inside of her.   

 'How and why would Jacob give up his position of power like this? This will only make Sean stronger and braver to do more crazy things...'  

"Mommy, Daddy is not the big boss anymore, is he?" Beryl asked naively, tilting her head.    

Emily frowned and patted her head gently. "It doesn't matter. You have to trust your father's decisions. He's a very good man."    

Beryl nodded earnestly and replied, "Well, I believe in Dad. But Mommy, you don't look so happy about it. I want to see you laugh as well."   

 Emily was pleasantly surprised to see how thoughtful her baby daughter had become. All the while, she thought that the people around her couldn't see that she had a lot going on in her mind.    

She gave Beryl a heart-warming smile and said, "Beryl, you... must listen to your Daddy, okay?"    

Beryl held her mother's arm and rubbed her little face against it like a kitten. "Well, I'll be sure to listen to both my Mom and Dad!"  

Hearing the words "mom and dad" took away all the suffering from Emily's heart for a while.   

 'How time flies.'    

Emily would give up anything so that Jacob could have a good life, but she was reluctant to leave him and go to Sean.    

Unfortunately, she had not been able to make Jacob like her and deep down she knew that even if she had won the bet against Sean, he would not let her go so easily.  

  After all, Sean was many things, but a merciful man he was not.   

 Moreover, as long as the chip was still inside Jacob's mind, Sean was the person with the upper hand and she was at his disposal.  

And funnily enough, Emily was just starting to realize these obvious facts now. Needless to say, she wasn't too happy about her own naivety.    

Jacob had not been home in the past few days. Not only was Emily unable to see him, she also couldn't reach him on his cellphone.    

The living standard in the house seemed unaffected, even though Jacob was assumed to be down and out. The servants had changed a batch before, but nothing seemed out of the ordinary and there wasn't any dramatic changes in their performance.    

The only unusual thing was that the security at the house had been strengthened, and there were twice as many bodyguards than before, on patrol 24 hours.   

 For some reason, this made Emily feel as though she was trapped in a cage.  

  A few days later, Jacob finally came back home.  

Emily was watering the flowers in the garden when she heard footsteps. Her instincts told her it was Jacob so she ran to the gate at once. Sure enough, she saw the man of her dreams standing there.    

When Jacob looked up and saw Emily standing there, he could not help frowning. "Come here."    

As soon as he said that, he realized his tone was too cold. He paused for a moment and then repeated his words, but this time, with a more softer approach. "Come here, please."   

 Emily, however, was doubtful and puzzled, so she walked over carefully and before she knew it she was wrapped in the man's loving embrace.   

 "Jacob!" Emily rested her head on his firm chest and listened to his beating heart, somehow feeling that this moment was too good to be true.  

Jacob slowly raised her off the ground as if to weigh her and said, "You've lost weight, haven't you?"    

Emily's eyes widened with surprise and for some reason she was fighting off tiny beads of tears forming in her eyes. She wondered if Jacob had regained his memory. Why else would he be so gentle to her?    

Jacob held her in his embrace and sighed deeply.    

After listening to the contents of the recording, he finally realized that he was wrong about Emily and that she loved him very deeply.    

The reason behind his unrelenting resentment towards Emily was a result of Sean tampering with his memories. 

No wonder he felt conflicted about her for so long. There were times when he found himself caring for her and times when he couldn't stand her. 

The two emotions battled constantly in his heart, but they couldn't be separated from each other.  

Jacob even thought that if he had been more patient, he would have come to know the contents of the voice recordings sooner. As a result, he wouldn't have brought her so much harm.    

Guilt ate at his heart for this very reason.   
 In the past few days that he wasn't there, he was actually out of the country for a proper check-up. He had renowned experts from all around the world study his condition and come up with a way to solve his problem.    

He tried to restore his memory through his own efforts. But when he failed, he asked Sam to write down all the things that had happened to him before, so he could read them in hopes of jogging his memory.    

But he soon discovered that every time he read something from the past, his head would throb in pain.   

 It was the chip inside his brain that was controlling him.  

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