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( Darkness Dissipates; The King Returns (15)

“Qin Chu! Where’s your heart! How can you say that at a time like this!” In the end, Huo Mian couldn’t take it anymore and she completely broke down. She wailed out, punching Qin Chu’s chest at the same time. Soon, both her makeup and nose were running…

It was okay though because she knew she didn’t have to hide her emotions in front of him. All she had to do was be herself. When they were together, she wasn’t a good daughter, a caring sister, or a thoughtful mother, nor was she the omnipotent President Huo or the genius Dr. Huo. When she was with Qin Chu, she only needed to be Huo Mian.

Qin Chu hugged Huo Mian tightly and gently pecked her forehead. He was heartbroken – he knew all the pain she endured, and she knew all the pain he endured.

“Honey… please don’t leave again. I don’t care if you become handicapped, please stay with me, okay?” Huo Mian hugged Qin Chu’s waist tightly as she said, a little coyishly.

“Mhm, I’ll never leave again… Nothing will be able to separate us, until we die.”

Huo Mian looked up at said to Qin Chu in all seriousness. “No dying too, okay? If you make these decisions by yourself again, then I’m going to die with you and leave your poor children alone on this earth.”

At the mention of her twin daughters, Qin Chu’s expression filled with warmth. “Thank you for giving birth to the two princesses for me.”

“Are you kidding me? How can you be sure that the twins aren’t Su Yu’s?” Huo Mian said on purpose as she pushed him.

To her surprise, however, Mr. Qin replied proudly, “Su Yu isn’t that good looking, he’ll never have children as beautiful as ours.”

Upon hearing this, Huo Mian felt angry and amused at the same time; that arrogant and proud man was back in her life again. He was four years late, but at that moment she didn’t care. All she wanted was to treasure the time she had with Qin Chu.

“President Huo, the princesses finished performing. It’s time for you to make a speech, and then…” Bella walked up to the deck. However, when she saw who Huo Mian was standing with, she immediately froze in silence.

“P-President Qin, my god…” Bella was usually a calm person, but this time she completely lost her cool.

Qin Chu nodded with a smile.

“President Qin, is that really you?” Bella reconfirmed; she couldn’t believe her eyes.

“It is.”

“Oh my god, this is huge news! President Qin is back!” Bella exclaimed in excitement.

Huo Mian held Qin Chu’s hand and smiled. “So… can you give the speech with me, Mr. Qin?”

“Sure, but is it okay for you to hold your boss’s hand like that?” Qin Chu smiled.

“My boss? What do you mean?” Huo Mian froze to a second before quickly coming to her senses. With a surprised expression on her face, she said, “Don’t tell me you’re Nick…”

“Looks like you are not that dumb… I thought your IQ would dip to an all-time low after giving birth to the twins.” Qin Chu lovingly reached out a finger to playfully flick Huo Mian on the forehead.

Bella was petrified by what she head; Nick, the president of GK Headquarters that got elected just a year ago in the United States was Qin Chu himself?

Holy crap… This was too unbelievable…

“What’s going on through, how can you be Nick?” Huo Mian asked, completely bewildered. Never in her right mind did she think that the big boss from HQ, the man who annoyed her, was her own husband.

What kind of TV drama was this! Qin Chu was the president of GK Headquarters?


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