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( Revenge is a Dish Best Served Cold (7)

To be honest, when Huo Mian was pregnant with the twins, he tried to make her have a miscarriage more than once, because he didn’t want her to give birth to children that weren’t his. However, for some ineffable reason, after the twins were born, he fell in love with them as soon as he saw their faces.

Although he rarely got to see the twins over the last three years, Huo Siqian always treated them with adoration, whenever he did.

He looked at the twins as if they were his own children…

Little Bean was a little scared to see Huo Siqian; she retreated to hide behind Qin Chu, who placed his hand tightly around hers.

Pudding, on the other hand, glanced icily at Huo Siqian. “Mr. Huo, you must be mistaken. We only have two uncles, Jing Zhixin and Ni Yang. Who do you think you are?”

“Hey, why are you speaking like that? Haven’t your parents taught you how to be polite?” Yan Ruoxi immediately stepped in to defend Huo Siqian’s honor.

“I’m talking to Mr. Huo, not you… As an outsider, you really shouldn’t interfere. Haven’t your parents taught you not to cut others off when they’re speaking?” Pudding refuted calmly.

Qin Chu gave Pudding a thumbs-up in his head; she was the perfect combination of Qin Chu’s proudness and Huo Mian’s articulateness… She was their daughter alright.

“You…” Yan Ruoxi was just about to argue when Huo Siqian stopped her. He smiled. “Ruoxi, don’t be mad at a child.”

“Pudding, I think you have misunderstandings against me, I actually really like you and Pudding, and buy the two of you presents every year.”

“We’re not interested in your presents. Mommy said that you’re just a wolf wearing the skin of a sheep.” Little Bean stuck her tongue out to make a face at Huo Siqian while hiding behind Qin Chu.

Huo Siqian wasn’t sure whether to laugh or cry. “Is that how your mommy talks about me?”

“So please, stop pretending to be close with us. Although my sister and I never agree on anything, we agree on this one thing, and that’s the fact that we really don’t like you.”

Huo Siqian: “…”

“Daddy, let’s go, I suddenly lost my appetite…” Pudding turned her head around pridefully and headed out the door.

Qin Chu, holding Little Bean by the hand, immediately followed. When walking past Huo Siqian, the latter smiled deviously. “Welcome back, let our battle continue.”

“Remember to buy yourself a coffin, I’m not going to let you off easily,” Qin Chu replied icily before leaving with his daughters.

Huo Siqian sneered at his comments, not taking it to heart at all.

Yan Ruoxi intimately put her arm around Huo Siqian. “Siqian, your sister’s daughters are really impolite, I bet your sister’s the same…”

“Ruoxi, that’s my family’s matters.” Then, Huo Siqian took his arm back, gently pushing Yan Ruoxi away.

That was when the latter realized that she might’ve said the wrong thing… It was weird though, it seemed like Huo Siqian got mad whenever she mentioned Huo Mian. Did he… have different feelings for her?

– Inside the Audi R8 –

“Pudding, if you and Little Bean want to eat there, we can eat there. It’s alright,” Qin Chu consoled them.

“I don’t have to appetite to eat when that bad guy is there. Let’s eat somewhere else, Daddy, anywhere else.”

“Pudding, can you tell Daddy who told you that Huo Siqian was a bad guy?” Qin Chu asked curiously; he didn’t think Huo Mian was someone who would inject hatred into her own children.




  1. Taa daaaa!

    Huo Siqian u better start preparing yourself a coffin.

  2. Aseehh story go hot soπŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹?? Author pls be updating daily naπŸ™. You are doing a great job,thumbs up


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