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( Darkness Dissipates; The King Returns (14)

“I know what you want to say, you don’t have to say it. The truth is, I’m grateful that Qin Chu came back at this time. Or else I might be even angrier if he came back after I succeeded. I would be mad that he stole away someone that was mine… Haha, now I feel like I’m returning what was originally his back to him. Moreover, you guys have to remember that Huo Mian did nothing wrong. She never accepted me, nor did she give me any hope. We were never more than friends… It was all just in my head. So, please don’t blame her or pressure her. Thanks for everything, guys, but I need some time alone. Enjoy the rest of your night.”

Then, Su Yu put on his white jacket, got up, and left… leaving nothing but a thick gust of sadness…

It was a good thing that Qin Chu was back, but the group felt extremely sympathetic towards Su Yu. What he said just now stuffed a sock in their mouths, leaving them at a loss for words.

As she watched Su Yu leave alone, Zhu Lingling felt tears suddenly well up to her eyes. “Honey, we should be happy that Mr. Qin is back, but why am I so sad?”

Gao Ran didn’t say anything, but he hugged Zhu Lingling tightly.

Wei Yunchu looked up from Jiang Xiaowei’s embrace and asked curiously, “Mommy, what’s wrong with Uncle Su?”

“He’s… a little upset.”

“Let me go check up on him.” Tang Chuan stood up to leave but was stopped by Wei Liao.

“Let him be by himself for a while, don’t go bothering him.”

Upon hearing this, Tang Chuan fell silent…

– On the deck –

Huo Mian and Qin Chu didn’t let go of each other until they ran out of oxygen.

As soon as the latter regained his composure, Huo Mian raised her hand and slapped his face, without even a hint of mercy.

Qin Chu wasn’t surprised at all; he stood there, unmoving. “Hit me more. I deserve it.”

Then, he grabbed her hand and placed it back onto his face, slapping himself, again and again.

Huo Mian, however, didn’t have the heart to keep slapping him. “You made me wait for four years… do you know how much pain I was in?”

“I’m sorry,” Qin Chu apologized gently.

Huo Mian choked on her voice as she looked at Qin Chu. “I’m not interested in an apology, I just want an explanation. Don’t tell me you developed amnesia because I won’t believe such a sh*tty answer!”

Qin Chu smiled as he reached out to sweep away the rouge hair on her forehead. “I didn’t develop amnesia. I’ve closely watched you guys over the last four years.”

“Then why didn’t you come back? Did you do it on purpose? Or did you fall in love with someone else?” Huo Mian demanded, and her tone was filled with jealousy. Right now, she wasn’t that calm and logical genius. She was just a domineering and cute little girl who was throwing a fit in front of the man she loved.

“That’s not it either. I didn’t come back because of two reasons. One… I’ve been investigating Huo Siqian’s foreign forces. The waters are really deep… I’ll explain things to you in detail later.”

“What about the second reason?” Huo Mian pouted, feeling both love and hatred towards the man in front of her.

“The second reason is… when my plane crashed, I injured my kneecap. You’re a doctor, so you know how sensitive the kneecap is, the chances of a full recovery are next to nothing. I tried all the advanced technology in the States… In the beginning, I could only walk with a cane. Even after almost four years of physical therapy and treatment, I still haven’t made a full recovery. So, I’m basically useless. I wasn’t going to come back until I got better because I didn’t want you to worry, but… The days are too long, and I thought I would go crazy because I missed you too much. So, Mian, do you still want the imperfect man standing in front of you?”

After hearing what Qin Chu said, Huo Mian stood unmoving, completely flabbergasted.

She never thought that something like this caused her and Qin Chu to separate for four whole years. Looking up at him, Huo Mian asked. “What if I don’t?”

“Then just pretend I never came back… and continue living on with your life,” Qin Chu’s tone was still gentler than ever.

Huo Mian’s expression changed upon hearing this.


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