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( Darkness Dissipates; The King Returns (8)

Bella became Huo Mian’s main assistant while Yang, who used to be Qin Chu’s assistant, was now administrative manager.

He was in charge of various company matters, both big and small, and held a lot of power.

Three years’ time had changed so much, including a lot of Huo Mian’s living habits.

She transformed from an excellent doctor to an outstanding female CEO, attending conferences big and small and a variety of occasions, winning a lot of prestigious prizes.

Without letting Huo Mian answer, Zhixin walked over.

“Sis, how about I attend tonight’s dinner in your place. You go home early and get some rest.”

Zhixin was wearing a black suit and no longer had the look of naivety on his face. He was starting to look like a real professional.

Zhixin returned from abroad after graduating a year ago and had been helping Huo Mian at GK since then.

He was working in the most tiring and complicated marketing department and was only a low-level manager because Huo Mian wanted him to start from the bottom.

“No, it’s fine. This President Yu is hard to deal with. I’m worried that you can’t handle it. I’ll go myself.”

Afterward, Huo Mian started walking back to the office.

“Sis, my little nieces are turning three in three days, do you have everything ready?”


“So… have you looked at the invitation list?”

“Not yet, Su Yu’s taking care of everything.”

“Oh, then I will have to talk to Su Yu. I have several business partners who insisted on coming after hearing about it. They’ve asked me multiple times and want invitations. So I wanted to use this opportunity to network a little.” Zhixin smiled.

“Go talk to Su Yu. He’s in charge of all of this.”

It was the two little princesses’ three-year-old birthday.

Huo Mian originally wanted a low-key celebration, but the Su Family insisted otherwise. Su Yu’s grandpa, Su Yu’s parents, and even Su Yu wanted to throw a giant party. Since it was 4 against 1, Huo Mian gave in.

Su Yu decided to put the hundred-million-yuan luxurious cruise liner that he bought the twins when they were both born into use…

He wanted to give the twins an unforgettable birthday, as if the entire world was celebrating with them.

In the end, Huo Mian couldn’t help but agree. But because there was too much to take care of with the company, Su Yu took care of everything with his PR team at Imperial Star, and she didn’t ask much.

The party was only three days away now. How time flew.

– Headquarters of Imperial Star Entertainment –

Su Yu was sitting in his office, reviewing the invitation list for the cruise dinner.

The twins’ birthday party would be even fancier then Imperial Star’s anniversary celebration.

People like Grandpa Su were attending, which would definitely make it an exclusive party for the famous and wealthy.

Invitation letters couldn’t be had even with thousands in cash. Lots of entrepreneurs who wanted to fawn over Huo Mian and Su Yu spent large amounts of money just for the chance to get onto the boat.

“President Su, the stuff you ordered arrived.”

“Bring it in.” Su Yu waved his hands. Four well-dressed staff from the jewelry shop entered carefully.

The woman who was leading the team wore a pair of white gloves. She was holding a small square black velvet box in her hand.

“President Su, the ring you ordered, Angel’s Smile, has arrived.”

Su Yu took over the box and opened it slowly.

Inside the box rested a shiny diamond ring. It was a 122-carat pink diamond, which was uncovered near South Africa. It was the most well-preserved pink diamond in the world. Su Yu bought it from an auction last year with over 6 billion yuan. After he auctioned it, he secretly took it to a well-known ring designer and spent about a year to make this unique diamond ring – Angel’s Smile.

The pattern of the ring was an angel with wings and a warm smile. The pink diamond was the skirt of the angel. It was extremely adorable.

The craftsmanship was complicated and extremely difficult to forge.

He was planning to present it to Huo Mian during the party in three days.

“President Su, are you satisfied with the ring?” asked the staff carefully.

Su Yu looked at the ring and didn’t say a word for a long time.


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