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(My Auntie’s Name Is Qin Ning (9)

“Mian…” She hadn’t seen Huo Mian for four whole years.

When Rick sent them away that year, Huo Mian was still in jail, convicted of murder.

At that time, it seemed like they would never meet again. Thus, upon seeing each other today, happiness and longing welled up within.

“Mom… Dad… Sorry it took me so long to come to visit you.”

Huo Mian’s voice wavered.

After resolving the differences between herself and her in-laws, she had been treating them as if they were her own parents.

Mr. and Mrs. Qin also treated Huo Mian like their own. They were always thinking of her.

No one would have guessed that this family would be forced to split up for four years…

“We’re glad you’re back, glad you’re back…” Tears circled Qin Yumin’s eyes.

“Is that grandpa? He does look a lot like dad…” Little Bean murmured.

“Shut up. It’s Dad who looks like Grandpa, okay?” Pudding corrected.

“What’s the difference? I’m just saying they look alike,” Little Bean shot back.

“Of course there’s a difference. Would you ever say Dad looks like you?” Pudding rolled her eyes.

Little Bean: “Oh… I guess that does sound quite strange.”

“Pudding. Little Bean. Come and say hi to your grandma and grandpa.”

Huo Mian turned around and waved her daughters over.

When the twins wanted to be, they could be quite adorable. Holding each other’s hand, they walked up to the elderly couple and said in unison, “Hi Grandpa. Hi Grandma.”

Hearing their voices, Mr. and Mrs. Qin felt like their hearts were going to melt.

“So this is Pudding and Little Bean… Come here and give me a hug.” Mrs. Qin was extremely happy. Tears of joy flew out of her eyes.

“Which one is Pudding, and which one is Little Bean?” Grandpa Qin felt quite frustrated as he thought they looked exactly the same.

“Grandpa, I am Little Bean. If you look closely, you’ll notice that I’m prettier than Pudding.”

Little Bean jogged over to her grandpa and began acting cute.

Pudding looked at her proudly. “Would telling the truth kill you?”

“Hey… you shouldn’t say such depressing things. In the future, don’t say things like kill and death, okay?” Mrs. Qin was quite superstitious and couldn’t understand why the younger generation used such words so carelessly.

“Mom… it’s okay. These two argue all the time and we’re used to it.” Huo Mian laughed.

“Hurry, dinner is ready. Let’s eat!”

Mrs. Qin held onto Pudding’s hand and walked toward the kitchen while Mr. Qin carried Little Bean in his arms.

“Dad… let me carry her. You’re still recovering.” Qin Chu walked up to his dad.

After undergoing a major surgery, Mr. Qin’s body was still recovering.

It was impossible for him to live past one hundred years old, as maintaining his current condition was already the best possible outcome.

“Ning, is your dad coming back today?” Mr. Qin asked.

“Uncle Qin, my dad has a meeting today so he won’t arrive until tomorrow afternoon.”

“Good. He also wanted to see the kids… he must be excited that our family has a new generation,” Mr. Qin said happily. His elation was extremely apparent.

“Grandpa, do you know my legal name?” Little Bean began to talk again.

“Oh? Why don’t you guess if I know or not?”

“Haha. I guess you must know, but I doubt you remember who is Zhaozhao and who is Mumu.”

“Why wouldn’t I be able to remember?” Mr. Qin looked playfully at Little Bean.

“Because you’re old now. I saw on TV that as you get older, you become more forgetful…”

“Hahaha…” Mr. Qin laughed heartily.

“Little Bean, don’t be so impolite to your grandpa,” Huo Mian scolded.

The excited Little Bean once again was speaking her mind without a care in the world.

“I wasn’t being impolite to Grandpa. I’m just chatting with him and getting to know him,” Little Bean replied, feeling wronged.

“Are you really chatting? You’re just trying to trick our grandpa.” Pudding calmly glanced at Little Bean’s face.



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