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(A Difficult Decision (1)

"It's already been a few hours."

"A few hours? And you're telling me now?" Huo Siqian was going to explode in anger.

"I… I didn't want you to be mad…. You're not in good shape right now…"

"I'll deal with you later." Huo Siqian got off his bed and rushed to get changed.

Huo Siqian knew Huo Siyi came back a while time ago but he never got a chance to tell Huo Mian.

He had given her a friendly reminder before but Huo Mian didn't take his words seriously.

Rather, Huo Mian thought Huo Siqian was threatening her.

Huo Siyi came back with a plan for sure. He had stayed tight for a long time. When Huo Mian felt she was being stalked, it was Huo Siyi behind it. However, Huo Mian didn't know that Huo Siyi came back so she wasn't aware that she was in danger.

"Boss, what should we do now?"

"I had you investigate before. What's Huo Siyi's current address? Where's his hideout?" Huo Siqian massaged his temples. He didn't look that great.

"He was at the abandoned factory near the Huairou Building," one of his subordinates responded carefully.

"What about now?" Huo Siqian noticed that his subordinate said "was" instead of "is".

"Now… We're not sure. We lost him and his people. They seemed to have moved to another place."

"What did you say?" Huo Siqian was getting really mad now.

"Boss, please don't blame us. Huo Siyi is a cunning man. They realized we were following them so they started playing 'catch me if you can.' They went to hide at another location after getting rid of us."

"So you can't tell me where Huo Siyi is now, right?" Huo Siqian asked in a serious face.

"No, Boss..."

Huo Siqian got up and slapped the subordinate so hard that he became dizzy.

"You losers can't even deal with Huo Siyi, a stupid bastard… I can't believe you work for me… you're all useless!" Huo Siqian was usually very calm but now he was furious.

"Boss… Huo Siyi is different now. He's a lot more careful!" the subordinate tried to explain himself.

Huo Siqian was in no mood to listen to excuses.

"What's the situation like now. Does Qin Chu and Su Yu know about this?"

"Yes, they're at the Municipal Public Security Bureau right now trying to find out where Huo Siyi is… But, he already has his hands on Miss Huo… We don't know if she's in danger or not."

When Huo Siqian heard that Huo Mian had been captured as well, he was as mad as an erupting volcano.

"I think Huo Siyi will connect with me…" Huo Siqian took out his phone. He was positive that Huo Siyi would not let him off the hook. Huo Siyi had captured Huo Mian so now he would be after him next.

- In an abandoned factory -

Huo Mian's arms and legs were all tied up. She looked pale.

She was in a dark corner. Huo Siyi had made some of his subordinates go inside the room.

Then, one of his subordinates held up his phone and recorded a clip of Huo Mian.

"Are you trying to get ransom from my husband?" Huo Mian seemed exhausted.

"Ransom? No… That can wait… Haha… I have more important things to do first!"

Then, Huo Siyi sent the recorded clip to Huo Siqian.


Huo Siqian received the video on his phone. His heart ached when he saw Huo Mian in such a desolate state.

One minute later, Huo Siyi called. The number was a bunch of random numbers and letters. He had obviously used an anti-tracking device.

"Huo Siqian… Did you watch the video yet?"

"What do you want?"

"Does your heart hurt? Oh, your poor little sister, Mian…" Huo Siyi's tone was filled with mockery.

"Don't touch her! What do you want? We can negotiate." Huo Siqian was very worried about Huo Mian's well-being.

"Are you worried? What is it, do you love her or something?" Huo Siyi laughed.



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