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(My Auntie’s Name Is Qin Ning (4)

“Heehee, aren’t I smart?” Little Bean was impressed by her own smartness.

“Okay, Qin Mumu, you win.” In the end, the arrogant Pudding lost to the cute Little Bean.

While working on the side, Qin Chu overheard his daughters’ conversation and almost peed himself from laughing.

The saying that children say whatever came to mind seemed to be true…

Even if they both had high IQs and matured early, they were still kids by nature.

Good thing he was able to calm himself down. Or else he would not be able to uphold his usual coolness.

After dinner, the twins finally fell deep asleep.

Qin Chu shifted his body slightly and gently laid Huo Mian down. Then he asked the flight attendant for two blankets and laid them over Pudding and Little Bean.

Due to it being hotter in Hawaii, the twins changed into white stockings, short skirts, and white sailor shirts, and each put on a pair of sunglasses. Their cuteness caused everyone they passed to turn and look at them.

Then looking at the twin’s parents, the passersby immediately realized why the twins were so beautiful.

When boarding, they actually encountered an awkward situation.

A few female fans ran over to Qin Chu and asked for his autograph, exclaiming that he looked like a Korean popstar…

It was so awkward that Qin Chu didn’t know what to do.

In the end, it was Huo Mian who stepped in to explain that her husband was not a Korean popstar. Only after putting a mask and sunglasses on him did they avoid any further disturbances.

It turned out, looking good could indeed be troublesome sometimes…

In comparison, Huo Mian was a lot luckier as she looked delicate but was not extremely beautiful compared to the rest of her family.

Therefore, she did not turn a lot of heads nor did people come and bother her…

Thinking about it now, she didn’t feel so good about it…

‘How come both my husband and daughters are loved by the masses but not myself?’

Qin Chu was the last to go to sleep. After finishing up his work and tucking in his daughters and wife, it was already very late.

Looking at his wife sleeping peacefully and his daughters on the other side, he felt extremely warm inside.

A few months ago, he was still living alone in the US, longing for his wife and daughters.

Now, he was by their side…

Life’s greatest fortune was to spend time with family and to cherish every minute together.

Qin Chu turned his head and lightly kissed Huo Mian’s forehead. “Goodnight, my Mian.”

His voice was as light as a feather, seeping slowly into Huo Mian’s dreams.

Still dreaming, the edges of her lips curled up, revealing an expression of happiness.

Just like that, the family of four spent their night on the plane and arrived at their destination at 10 AM the next day.

Upon exiting the airport, they saw a huge group of people waiting to pick them up.

Wearing light blue jean shorts, a loose white t-shirt, and coffee-colored sunglasses, Qin Ning led eight bodyguards wearing camouflage. It was extremely eye-catching.

Huo Mian immediately recognized Qin Ning…

After four years, her hair was still short though it grew a little longer.

She sported a bob cut that was just past the ears and her face looked a little plumper, making her seem more mature.

The Qin Family had very good genes. Thus, Qin Ning was also very attractive; she was a real beauty.

“Big brother! Sister-in-Law!” Qin Ning waved energetically at them.

“I already told her not to come. It’s not like I can’t find my way home.” Qin Chu smiled.

“Ning…” Huo Mian laughed and waved back.

“Oh… That’s our aunt? She looks so cool,” Little Bean exclaimed as she pulled off her sun hat.

“Auntie Qin and Daddy really do look alike… She’s such a beauty.” Pudding was also stunned.

Compared to her photos, Qin Ning was even prettier in person…

“Wow… are those my twin nieces?” Qin Ning exclaimed when she saw the twins wobble over.

She felt like her heart was going to melt from their cuteness…



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