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(My Auntie’s Name Is Qin Ning (3)

“What? Really?” Huo Mian nervously rubbed her eyes.

“Mommy, you’re so innocent. You believe whatever Daddy says.” Pudding, on the side, couldn’t watch any longer.

“So… in front of Daddy, Mommy becomes a baby,” Little Bean added.

“You two, be quiet.”

Huo Mian glanced at them, and then she obediently listened to Qin Chu’s suggestion.

Even though they had first-class seats, it was still very exhausting as the flight was so long. Luckily, the family of four didn’t sit far from each other and perfectly took up the seats in the same row.

Leaning on Qin Chu’s shoulder, Huo Mian felt dull and sleepy.

Wearing a white dress shirt and turning on the laptop, Qin Chu was tentatively looking at some of the documents Huo Mian needed to review.

On the side, the twins were extremely excited.

They were three years old and this was their first long-distance trip, and it was to America to visit their grandparents. They were elated.

Although they would video call their grandparents every day, to actually see them in person still excited them.

Below was the conversation between the twins –

Little Bean: “Sis, I’m excited. What about you?”

Pudding: “My last name is Qin, thank you…” (TL Note: in Chinese, I’m excited also sounds the same as my last name is poo.)

Little Bean: “Come one, you know that’s what I mean! You’re ruining my mood.”

“It’s not my fault. You set that question up for me,” Pudding said while looking at her sister smugly.

Little Bean: “Okay, okay. I’m feeling happy today and am in no mood to argue. Quick, look at Daddy.”

Pudding: “So… what about Daddy?”

Little Bean: “Daddy looks so dazzling working so hard while wearing that white dress shirt. No wonder people say a man hard at work is the most handsome. ”

Pudding: “That’s because he’s already very handsome. Even if he were smoking, drinking, or cussing, you would still think he’s charming. For those who aren’t good looking, even if he were racing, playing basketball, or dancing, you would think he looks disgusting.”

Little Bean: “That’s true. So… we were born into a world that values appearances.”

Pudding: “Correct. It’s also a world that compares family backgrounds.”

Little Bean: “Tsk… Then we must be those in the legends that know how to pick an afterlife. Not only are we pretty, we also have a successful dad.”

Pudding: “We also have a mom with a super high EQ.”

Little Bean: “We also have an extremely warm Handsome Su. Woah… I suddenly feel so fortunate. We must have saved planet Earth in our past lives.”

Pudding: “That’s more or less it.”

Little Bean: “Perfect. Sis, who do you want to see the most in America?”

Pudding: “Of course our grandparents.”

Little Bean: “I also want to see our aunt…”

Thinking of their aunt Qin Ning, Pudding became slightly dejected…

Little Bean: “Why did you stop talking?”

Pudding: “Originally, I wanted to set our aunt up with Handsome Su, but after mentioning it to him a few times, he didn’t seem interested. He’s still dating Bimbo Jian as of the present, how infuriating.”

Pudding: “Ah Sis, you’re still feeling sad? Last week we drove her completely crazy at the hotpot restaurant, I was going to say meaner things about her if I wasn’t scared that Mommy would erupt from anger.”

Upon mentioning how they bullied Jian Tong the other day, Little Bean still felt ecstatic.

Pudding: “Forget it, I don’t want to think about it anymore. Regardless, I bet Handsome Su doesn’t even like Bitch Jian. So even if he and Auntie don’t get together, it’s okay.”

Little Bean: “Sis, I think you’re thinking too much. America is such an open country, maybe Auntie Qin is already pregnant and having a child out of wedlock.”

Pudding: “Having a child out of wedlock…”

Little Bean: “Never mind. Even if I explain it to you, you probably wouldn’t understand. Excuse me, Miss Stewardess, can I have another cup of freshly squeezed orange juice? Thank you.”

Little Bean pressed the assistance button and the flight attendant walked over with a smile.

Pudding: “Drink up. Let’s see what you’ll do when there’s turbulence and you can’t use the washroom.”

Little Bean was a complete foodie, no matter where they were. In fact, she was such a foodie that the entire family was impressed.

Little Bean, “No worries. Grandma put a diaper on me before we boarded. Whether it’s pop, juice, or anything, I can drink to my heart’s content.”

Pudding: “…”




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