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( The Twins Versus the Manipulative Bimbo (5)

“If you want to be on Qin Chu’s side, then so be it… but I can promise you this. If you go to him, you’ll end up worse than Song Yishi.”

Then, Huo Siqian turned around and left without once looking back, leaving Mo Xue’er standing there like a log, her expression as ugly as could be.

After returning to his seat, Huo Siqian soon stood up to leave with Yan Ruoxi…

“Xue’er, are you alright?”

“Daddy, I’m fine…”

“You wanted to see him, and now you have. What’s your plan?” Mr. Xiang glanced over at Mo Xue’er.

“What else can I do? If he’s going to be this heartless, then I’m not going to be the idiot. If he wants to terminate the contract, so be it. I’m just a sewer rat right now, being chased away by everyone. I’m not in a hurry to deal with Huo Siqian though, I need to teach that bitch, Jian Tong, a lesson first. She’s so manipulative, pretending to be an innocent little girl while I was burdened by the drug scandal.”

Mo Xue’er was now a glass-completely-empty person who thought the worst about everyone and only had hatred left in her heart.

That night, a scandal about Jian Tong broke out in the form of an extremely long article. It talked about Jian Tong before she became famous – cheating on her high school boyfriend, getting an abortion, and others of the sort.

The article even pointed out that she flirted with her high school P.E. teacher.

Quickly, Jian Tong became the center of public opinion, because after all, she was quite famous. Apparently, the source of this article was one of her high school classmates.

The scandal left Imperial Star’s PR team completely unprepared.

Su Yu didn’t find out until he came back from out of town that evening and ran over to the company as soon as he did.

Imperial Star subsequently sent out a statement, claiming that the company was going to sue whoever published such a defaming blog.

After work, Su Yu was in the lobby when Jian Tong walked up to him with her assistant, her eyes red-shot from tears. “President Su…”

Su Yu turned around but didn’t make a sound.

“You believe me, right President Su? Nothing in the article is true, they’re all defamations, someone’s doing it on purpose…”

“I know,” Su Yu replied faintly; to the outside world, he was dating Jian Tong. Therefore, the latter was worried if he would break up with her once he found out.

“President Su, Ms. Jian’s been in a bad mood and didn’t eat anything at all. The reporters and paparazzi are probably outside waiting to hear what you say, you have to help Ms. Jian,” Jian Tong’s assistant begged.

“I know you’re under a lot of pressure, but you still have to eat. I haven’t had dinner yet either, let’s get some food,” Su Yu said, turning around to leave.

Upon hearing what he said, Jian Tong immediately rushed up to him with a satisfied smile on her face. Then, she glanced over at her assistant, who immediately turned around to leave.

The reporters outside followed them all the way to a nearby hotpot restaurant.

Coincidentally, that evening the twins wanted hotpot as well, so Huo Mian and Qin Chu took them to the same restaurant.

They saw Su Yu’s car as soon as they parked outside the restaurant entrance.

“Hey, isn’t that Handsome Su’s car?” Little Bean immediately noticed.

“Handsome Su is probably the only one in the city driving a limited edition Lamborghini Sesto Elemento. I WeChatted him this morning though, I thought he was out of town,” Pudding analyzed calmly.

“Um, should we eat somewhere else? If he’s out with friends, he might feel awkward seeing us,” Huo Mian said, out of consideration for Su Yu.



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