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(The Twins Versus the Manipulative Bimbo (9)

“Sure, Sweetheart, ask away.” Although Jian Tong felt very angry, she still pretended to be nonchalant.

At least in front of Su Yu, she wanted to create the illusion that she was a goddess…

“I just wanted to say… I read the film review about the movie that you starred in recently… It said there were some passionate love scenes … So when actors are acting, are those scenes real?”

Just after Little Bean finished speaking, Su Yu spewed out a mouthful of tea.

Pudding picked up a napkin and wiped the corners of Su Yu’s mouth. “How old are you, why are you still playing with water?”

Su Yu: “…”

Qin Chu was also feeling awkward and did not know what to say.

Huo Mian put her hands directly over her face. She really didn’t want to admit she gave birth to these little twisted-minded girls.

Upon hearing the question, Jian Tong’s face turned pale.

But she still tried to contain herself. “Little Bean, you are still young… You shouldn’t ask such abstruse questions.”

“So I bet those scenes are real… Wow, how unfair it is to Handsome Su that he has to sit here while you cheat on him, constantly and continuously,” Little Bean deliberately exaggerated.

Qin Chu: “…”

Huo Mian: “…”

Su Yu: “…”

“Sis… When we learned Tang and Song poems, what did Wang Anshi say in the poem? It’s on the tip of my tongue, but I just can’t remember it…” Little Bean said while looking at Pudding.

Pudding ate some vegetables and then said calmly, “Spring is coming and the grass on the river bank is covered with green clothes. When can I return to the long-lost hometown with the bright moon shining on me? (TL: the color ‘green’ symbolizes infidelity.”)

“Yes, yes, yes… Spring is coming and the grass on the river bank is covered with green clothes. Handsome Su, you’ll become popular soon.” (TL Note: it meant Su Yu’s head is green, which symbolizes he was getting cuckolded)

“Eh… What does it have to do with me?” Su Yu was totally confused.

But Huo Mian knew that the twins were deliberately bullying Jian Tong and felt that they had gone too far.

So she immediately stopped them, “You two better concentrate on your meal. Don’t be rude to Auntie Jian Tong.”

“Mommy, don’t be nervous. I saw these questions in a movie review on a website, and the netizens all said so.” Little Bean had an innocent expression on her face.

“If that’s the case, then Pudding, you better not to go on the Internet and look at those nonsensical things in the future. Netizens are usually uneducated, you won’t be able to learn anything good from them.” Jian Tong forced a smile.

“Don’t get excited, Auntie Jian… Let me tell you two things. First, my name is Little Bean. I’m not Pudding. Pudding is over there, thank you. Second… Although netizens sometimes speak and act rudely, their strength cannot be underestimated. If you didn’t have them to support you, watch your movie, or comment on it, chances are you would have lost all that you have, even your underwear… And while the waters can bear the boat, they can also sink it… Auntie Jian, I heard that you didn’t go to college before you became an actress. The high school you attended was also among the worst. It hasn’t been easy for you. I suggest you read more books when you have no movies to shoot… It won’t do you any harm…”

Little Bean never made such a long comment…

It made Huo Mian wonder if she was possessed by Pudding. It was totally different from her usual behavior as a cute and playful girl.

Having been accused by a three-year-old child of not reading enough, Jian Tong was completely at a loss for words, yet she dared not erupt.

But she felt injured and resentful…

“Little Bean… you guys seem to be done with dinner, let’s go home.”

Qin Chu felt that if he continued to indulge his daughters, it was quite possible that Jian Tong would have a heart attack and die.

So, seeing that it was almost time for them to leave, he decided to take his daughters home.

“Okay, Daddy…”

Qin Chu held a lot of power. Both Little Bean and Pudding stood up immediately and ran over… directly into Qin Chu’s arms. Seeing this made Su Yu a little jealous.



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