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(A Difficult Decision (3)

Huo Yanyan was overjoyed when she saw Huo Siyi again. She didn’t even wonder why he would take her and her daughter here.

Her daughter was in another side of the warehouse playing with a large-breasted lady, who had thick makeup on.

Huo Siyi said he would show her something great so she was rather curious.

However, when they walked into an abandoned factory, Huo Yanyan started to get worried.

“Big Brother Yi!” The men were eating but immediately stood up when they saw Huo Siyi.

“Hey. This is my sister. She is one of us,” Huo Siyi introduced.

“Hi Big Sister,” the gangsters all greeted her politely.

Huo Yanyan was very not used to this…

“Siyi, who are they?”

“They’re my subordinates,” Huo Siyi said, acting as if it wasn’t a big deal.

“Come, Yanyan… Let me show you our chips…” Then, Huo Siyi led Huo Yanyan over to a small warehouse.

Inside were the twins, curled up in a corner and eating their bento.

“They are…” When Huo Yanyan saw the kids, she was astonished.

“Yup. These are that b*tch Huo Mian’s twins. I had them captured. I can get as much money as I want from them… Qin Chu would give me anything… Haha…”

“Siyi, how could you?” Huo Yanyan looked at Huo Siyi like she didn’t know him. She couldn’t believe what he had done.

“What’s wrong? They destroyed our family in the first place… We were such a happy family. Dad loved us but all because that b*tch Huo Mian and that bastard Huo Siqian, we had to run for our lives… I’m sorry that you had to live such a pitiful life for the past few years… but Sis, I’m back now and I won’t let anyone bully us.”

Huo Siyi didn’t look for Huo Yanyan right when he came back because he didn’t want anyone to know where he was.

Only when he got the twins and Huo Mian did he order his subordinates to secretly pick up Huo Yanyan and her daughter.

His plan was to get revenge and the ransom money. Then he would leave this place with Huo Yanyan.

“Where’s Mom? I want to see her…” Huo Yanyan thought Huo Siyi had gone mad and crazy.

She wanted to see her mom and try to get a better understanding of the situation.

“Mom’s in Vietnam. She didn’t come back.”

“Vietnam? Why were you in Vietnam?” Huo Yanyan was shocked.

“It’s a long story. I’ll tell you when we have more time… Let’s eat.”

Then, Huo Siyi closed the door and led Huo Yanyan away.

“Pudding, who was that woman behind that bad guy? Do you know her?” Little Bean asked softly.

“I’ve never seen her… I don’t know who she is but from the looks of it, she’s with them,” Pudding analyzed.

“How many more bento boxes do we have to eat… They’re disgusting… I want fried chicken and hamburgers.” Little Bean pouted, putting on a long face.

“Be good. You just have to wait a little longer before we can go home…”

Even though Little Bean was a foodie, she was a picky eater. She couldn’t take eating these bento boxes any longer.

Pudding felt very bad for her sister so she got up and knocked on the door.

“Someone, come…”

“Dahai, go check on that brat and see what she’s up to this time.”

The other men were impatient so they waved Dahai over to check on Pudding.

Dahai opened the warehouse door. He looked at Pudding but couldn’t tell if she was Pudding or Little Bean.

“It’s me, big stupid man,” Pudding said in a low voice.

“What’s the matter?” After what happened yesterday, Pudding and Dahai had formed some sort of revolutionary bond.



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