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(I’m Back for Revenge (18)

“You want to shut me up because I said the truth, am I right or am I right?”

“No, it’s not that.”

“It’s a good opportunity that I can be alone with you… If it were another person in your group, I wouldn’t have said these things. Do you know why I chose you?” Pudding asked.


“It’s because you seem like the only one in that group that seems to still have some good in you… The others are lost causes. Evil has overwhelmed them. Heaven and hell are sometimes just a matter of a choice… You might not be a smart person but you aren’t a bad person… You probably joined this operation because you need money.”

“How did you know I needed the money?” the man called Dahai asked with astonishment.

He didn’t expect a child to correctly guess what he was thinking.

He came from a poor family and he needed money. This was his first time participating in a kidnapping operation.

The other people on the team were all used to doing bad stuff. Not only did they steal and rob, they even kidnapped children.

One of them was from the same village as he was. All he told Dahai to do was to keep an eye on the two kids and once they were done, he would get 200,000 yuan…

Even though he knew this was wrong, he desperately needed money because his mother was in the hospital for a cerebral hemorrhage. His family had been gathering money from many sources, but could barely afford to pay the hospital bill.

However, his relatives and friends were not willing to help anymore because they didn’t think he could repay the money.

He and his father tried to work for the money but the first job they took in the city was a bad deed.

He first thought that it wouldn’t be hard to kidnap two children, only later to discover that it was actually a difficult job.

From the conversations of the group, he found out that the children’s parents had powerful backgrounds so this job itself was very dangerous.

If he was captured by the police or these children’s parents, he would be doomed.

Since he had already pulled the arch, there was no turning back.

However, Pudding’s words had wavered his decision and he was now uncertain on what to do.

“I know that if you weren’t pushed towards the edge, you wouldn’t do such a thing. From the looks of you, your parents are honest people. They’re good people, like you.”

Pudding repeated these words, trying to brainwash this man called Dahai. It actually had good effects on this guy.

“My parents are good people. They are farmers working in the village and haven’t seen the world… They haven’t even been to karaoke… Each cent they earned was hard-earned money… I… I… I dishonored them. I can’t even get enough money to pay for my mother’s hospital bill. I’m such a loser!”

“What was your mom diagnosed with?” Pudding pinpointed the main problem and asked.

“A Cerebral hemorrhage and it’s very serious. She’s in a hospital in the city but we don’t have money… She probably won’t be able to stay for much longer… That’s why I did this, it was the only thing I could do…” the man fell to the ground and started crying.

Pudding slowly stood up and pulled up her pants.

She walked over. She never wanted to poop in the first place. From the start, she just wanted to check out their surroundings and try to find a way out of the situation.

She put a little hand on Dahai’s shoulder. “Listen to me, big stupid guy. A cerebral hemorrhage isn’t a serious illness. My mommy is a great doctor, she even performed surgery for my grandpa when he was very ill.”

“Oh? Your mom is a doctor? What a coincidence.” Dahai looked around.



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