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( My Auntie’s Name Is Qin Ning (8)

“Why aren’t you saying anything? Is what I said wrong?” Pudding demanded.

“No… What you said is right, Pudding…” Su Yu replied half-heartedly.

“Which part?” Pudding wasn’t willing to accept the half-hearted response.

“Uh… The part about your aunt being beautiful. She’s beautiful, okay?” Su Yu felt helpless.

Qin Ning’s face immediately turned red… What kind of person would tell a stranger she was beautiful on the first time they met on video chat?

This feeling was really embarrassing.

“That’s enough, Pudding. Stop being so difficult to your Handsome Su…” Qin Ning didn’t dare to let Pudding continue.

“Okay… Since my aunt has spoken, I’ll let you off the hook this time,” Pudding reluctantly agreed.

Before anyone spoke again, Little Bean snatched over the cell phone.

“Handsome Su, do you miss me?”

“I do. Of course I do!” Su Yu looked at Little Bean’s round face; his eyes were full of unconditional love.

“Then do you miss me more or my sister?”

Su Yu began to break out in cold sweat…

Here came the scary question again. He had already developed a fear for them.

“Of course I miss you both the same.”

“That’s not possible. I need you to tell me who you like more, even if it’s only a little more.” Little Bean refused to accept defeat.

Pudding looked at her proudly, knowing that Su Yu wouldn’t give her a direct answer as he didn’t want to hurt either of their feelings.

Likewise, Su Yu changed the topic. “Little Bean, Uncle Su still has some things to take care of… I’ll send you my answer later, okay? You guys have fun! I’ll miss you both every day.”


Not waiting for Little Bean to reply, Su Yu hung up the call.

“God… All he knows is to avoid the questions… so much for being a president of a big company… He’s such a scaredy-cat,” Little Bean complained.

Pudding was too lazy to deal with Little Bean right now. Then she turned her head toward Qin Ning. “Auntie Qin, the guy you saw in the video call just now was Handsome Su. You know who he is, right?”

“Oh… I’ve heard some things about him. He’s the president of Imperial Star Entertainment, right?”

“Yes. What do you think of him?”

Pudding continued to ask bluntly.

“He’s okay…” Qin Ning answered conservatively.

“Don’t you think he’s handsome, has a great temperament, and is quite stylish?”

Qin Ning: “…”

“Pudding… I’m don’t know him well, so I can’t really say what kind of a person he is.”

“That’s okay, you’ll get to know him soon.”

“Um… What do you mean?” Qin Ning got a weird feeling from her words.

“It’s nothing. Don’t think too much about it. Oh right, are Grandma and Grandpa home?”

“They are. They’ve been waiting for your arrival. When Grandpa heard you guys were coming, he became so much more energetic!”

“Is Second Grandpa back too?”

“He’s still at a conference in New York and isn’t coming back until tomorrow. Don’t worry, you guys will get to see all of them.”


The twins kept themselves quite busy the whole trip, asking about this and that, and Qin Ning was also very patient, answering all of their questions.

After driving for over an hour, they finally arrived at a villa by sea.

This was a well-known neighborhood for rich people. It had been said that a lot of rich Americans lived here, along with some Hollywood stars.

With mild temperatures all year round, Hawaii was known as a top tourist spot.

The Qin Family’s villa used to be a garden that Qin Ning’s father bought a long time ago. Due to the old garden seeming too eerie, they plowed it down and spent millions building the new four-story villa.

The entire villa was covered by ceiling to floor glass windows and every room had a stunning view of the sea.

There was a swimming pool out front, a garden in the back, an underground parking space, and a bar. Everything looked very elegant.

Getting out of their cars, everyone walked toward the villa.

When they opened the door, Mrs. Qin was still placing the fruit on the dining room table. Upon hearing the door opening, she turned around, her eyes immediately welled up with tears as soon as she caught sight of Huo Mian.



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