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( The Twins Versus the Manipulative Bimbo (8)

“Didn’t you bring the twins here on purpose because you knew I was having dinner with President Su?” Jian Tong interrogated.

“I see… You sure think highly of yourself,” Huo Mian chuckled.

“What do you mean by that?”

“We came here because my daughters wanted hotpot… It’s as simple as that. It’s really childish of you to think that we came on purpose, why would the four of us drive this far to ruin some random person’s dinner? Although my daughters didn’t pay you enough respect just now, they would never go through all this to prank on someone they have no relationship with. So, Ms. Jian, don’t think so highly of yourself. You may be a famous celebrity, but my family isn’t of civilian status. Don’t think you can pressure us, and don’t act so entitled in front of us.”

“Haha, why do I think you just don’t want President Su to be with me?”

“I don’t? Why wouldn’t I?” Huo Mian asked with surprise.

“Some women may be in a relationship, but they still want more from other men… Even if they don’t want to accept those men, they still don’t want those men to date other people… because it’s an ego boost, and they enjoy it,” Jian Tong said word for word as she stared into Huo Mian’s face.

“Oh really? I had no idea these women existed… you sure know a lot. Ms. Jian, you must have a lot of these people around you…”

“You…” Jian Tong was completely speechless.

Just then, Qin Chu walked back up to the table and sat down beside Huo Mian, casually putting his arm around her shoulders.

“What’s up?” Huo Mian tilted his head and asked.

“Mom and Dad really want to see the twins, so I booked tickets for next week.”

“That’s so soon… Then what about work?” Huo Mian asked anxiously.

“It’s okay, Bella and Yang will deal with work stuff, and we also have Zhixin… Don’t worry about it and enjoy the vacation, alright?”

“Okay then. If you already made plans, then let’s go!” Huo Mian smiled happily.

Jian Tong, who was incredibly jealous of Huo Mian, hated the way she smiled. “President Qin, you’re amazing to your wife…”

Qin Chu didn’t respond, nor did he look at Jian Tong. After all, he didn’t know her.

“But when you were gone, President Huo and President Su were… really close. People kept saying how great they looked together, and even I thought they were going to end up as one family, haha… I’m surprised by what happened in the end,” Jian Tong said on purpose to make Qin Chu feel bad.

However, the couple was completely aware of what Jian Tong was trying to do. Qin Chu said without looking at her, “Outsiders will never understand what’s going on inside our family, so I’m not surprised by what you said.”

Then, he went back to pretending that Jian Tong didn’t exist, leaving her as awkward as could be.

Just then, Su Yu came back with the twins, slowly placing them back onto their seats.

“Are you tired? You’re sweating…” Jian Tong got up, wanting to wipe the sweat off Su Yu’s forehead, but Pudding was faster, picking up a piece of napkin and slowly wiping Su Yu’s forehead. “Handsome Su, thanks for carrying us. I’ll make sure Little Bean eats less in the future, so you won’t feel as tired when carrying her.”

“You’re kidding me, right? I’m only two pounds heavier than you are, is it really going to make a difference?” Little Bean muttered.

Huo Mian and Qin Chu couldn’t help but chuckle at what their daughter said; Jian Tong, on the other hand, stood there awkwardly, not sure what she was supposed to do.

The twins were much smarter than she thought they were…

“Hey, Auntie Jian come sit down, why are you standing there?” Little Bean glanced at Jian Tong and said on purpose, giving the latter no choice but to sit back down with a smile on her face.

“Auntie Jian, you’ve been a celebrity for so long, in fact, there’s a question I really want to ask you,” Little Bean looked innocently at Jian Tong and said.




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