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(A Difficult Decision (6)

Huo Yanyan saw this so she immediately went over and grabbed her daughter. “Are you okay, Tiantian?”

“Mommy…” When the little girl saw her mommy, she immediately rushed over. She looked terrified.

“Don’t worry. Mommy is here now.”

“Hello, Sis…” The woman sat up straighter when she saw Huo Yanyan come in. She held a cigarette between her right index and middle fingers.

“Who are you?”

“Did Siyi not tell you? I’m his girlfriend,” the woman said with a bright smile on her face.

“No, he did not tell me.” Huo Yanyan didn’t have a good impression of this woman so she was on alert.

“Oh. I guess he’s been too busy and didn’t have the time to let you know. It’s okay. Let me tell you. I saved Siyi and his mom, oh right, she’s also your mother, a few years ago in Vietnam. When they arrived, they lived in a pitiful state. That man your mother found was a gambling addict. Later, he couldn’t repay his own debt so he used your mother to pay. Your little brother, Siyi that is, tried to save your mother but was almost beaten to death. Luckily, I passed by and saved them. Then, I brought them into the Vietnam Gang.”

“The Vietnam Gang?” Huo Yanyan was very confused.

“It’s the biggest gang in Vietnam. I managed to get Siyi in because I have some connections. He lived up to my expectations and helped out a lot. The boss liked him so he was able to get a respectable status in the gang. I’m his lucky star and lover, so I obviously couldn’t stand idly by when he still couldn’t get his revenge… That’s why we came back this time and we are planning to do something big.”

“What are you going to do?” Huo Yanyan felt something bad was going to happen.

“Did Siyi not tell you?” The woman squinted her fox-like eyes and looked at Huo Yanyan.

Huo Yanyan held her daughter tightly as she shook her head…

“Haha, since he didn’t tell you, you should just wait for the news… We’re not going to go back to Vietnam after this… We’ll go to a new place and start fresh… You should feel lucky that Siyi never forgot about you, his sister, after all these years… He still came for you…”

Huo Yanyan didn’t feel good when she heard this woman’s words. She was able to imagine how tough it had been for Huo Siyi for the past few years.

Her mother’s long-time lover turned out to be an asshole and almost dragged them down to hell.

Now that they climbed back up, Huo Siyi wanted revenge. But why would he not go after Huo Siqian but Huo Mian and her kids instead? Huo Yanyan didn’t feel that great about the situation she was placed in.

She held onto her daughter’s hand. She wanted to go out and talk to Huo Siyi.

Then, the woman behind her said, “You better stay here with your kid. They’re beating her up outside. Your kid probably won’t be able to stand such a bloody scene.”

Then, the woman picked up her purple fur coat, placed it over her shoulders, and walked out of the room, swaying her hips as she did.

When Huo Yanyan heard that, she gave up on the idea of going out.

She hugged her daughter, Tiantian, in the small room. She was deeply frightened but did not know what to do.

She wanted to call Shen Mingxi and tell him to call Qin Chu so that Qin Chu could come to save the twins and Huo Mian.

However, she tried to find her phone but she couldn’t. She did not know when but someone had taken it away from her. It seemed like Siyi’s guard was up, even with her.

– In the empty factory –

When Huo Siqian was brought in by Siyi’s subordinates, his hands were tightly tied up.

Then, someone pushed him so hard that Huo Siqian immediately went tumbling onto the floor.

“You bastard… I’ve finally got you under control…” Huo Siyi grabbed onto Huo Siqian’s collar and cursed at him.

“Haha, it’s been a long time, idiot.” Huo Siqian grinned.

This was a rather special type of greeting.




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