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(The Domineering Sister Duo (10)

In the past, Huo Siqian would have considered taking advantage of this brainless woman like he did with Song Yishi. But now, he didn’t even want to spend time and effort on them.

He, however, felt a strong sense of danger because not only did he fail to defeat Su Yu, but Qin Chu had also returned.

Mo Xue’er was right – he was indeed in a tough situation.

The only thing he cared about right now was taking Huo Mian for himself. Nothing else mattered.

“No two people in the world are made for each other… They all slowly get to know each other… I’ve been so happy with you over the last three years…”

“But I’m not happy though. I don’t like you a single bit. Don’t waste your time; you’re still young.”

Huo Siqian waved his hand as if he wanted to get rid of Yan Ruoxi…

“So… are you trying to tell me that there’s another woman in your heart and her name is Huo Mian?” Yan Ruoxi asked with a smile.

“Who I like is none of your business. Don’t try to be smart. I hate women who try to be smart but are stupid at the core.”

“I’m not trying to be smart. I know about your feelings… but Siqian, you need to know that Huo Mian doesn’t love you… Even Mr. Su, who was by her side for four years and taking care of her, failed to get her to fall for him… who do you think you are to capture her affection?”

“Yan Ruoxi… My family business is none of your business. You should leave.”

Huo Siqian loosened his tie and turned away, leaving Yan Ruoxi standing alone in his bedroom…

– Inside the VIP patient room in the First Hospital –

“Handsome Su, do you want water?” Pudding asked.

Su Yu shook his head.

“Thanks, Pudding, but I’m not thirsty.”

“Handsome Su, do you want soft candy then? It’s orange flavoured!” Little Bean carefully took out a piece of candy from her dress pocket.

“I’m okay, but thanks Little Bean.”

Su Yu looked at the twins dotingly…

Tang Chuan couldn’t bear the sight. He was chewing gum and started scolding, “Can you two stop fooling around here…? I know you’re smart so why don’t you tell your mom to stop playing with Yu’s feelings? He’s already been through a lot… He’s had bad luck ever since he met your mother!”

“What are you b*llshi*ing about?” Su Yu glared at Tang Chuan.

“Am I not telling the truth? The truth is, she’s been treating you like a backup… When her husband wasn’t back yet, she was right by your side, holding you up. Then when her husband came back, she immediately kicked you away… Yu, aren’t you tired of that? I’m already tired for you…”

Tang Chuan was really mad…

When he said that, there were only Su Yu, the twins, and Wei Liao left in the patient room.

Fortunately, Mrs. Su wasn’t there, otherwise, the situation would’ve become even more tense.

Little Bean looked down as she thought to herself how she could retaliate Tang Chuan’s words.

Pudding, on the other hand, turned her head around, looked at Tang Chuan, and asked calmly, “Uncle Tang… Can you mind your own business? I know there’s a saying from Ancient China: the emperor is not worried, but why is his eunuch worried to death. Have you heard of it?”

“What? You little brat! What do you mean by this?” Tang Chuan was angry but he suppressed his urge to laugh.

“My sister’s intentions are obvious… We’re saying that Handsome Su is the emperor and you are the eunuch,” Little Bean explained patiently.

Tang Chuan was speechless.

“Pudding, no one will like you if you speak like that.”

“It’s okay… There are a lot of people that don’t like us already. You’re just another one of them,” Little Bean added.

“My god… I really don’t know what to do with you two kids…”

“Uncle Tang, you’re old and should spend more time taking care of your kidney rather than worrying about other people’s business. Handsome Su and Mommy’s business is not your problem. Even if mommy owes Handsome Su and has done him wrong, then it’s still their problem… They took it upon themselves and Handsome Su is happy with it…”

Tang Chuan was speechless.

“See. The twins beat you. They’ve saved you the time and energy to go and confront Huo Mian,” Wei Liao laughed.

“Hey, Wei Liao… You better watch out for such terrifying daughters-in-law…” Tang Chuan couldn’t help but burst out laughing.

“Problem is though, even if my son wants to marry them, they might not want to marry my son…” Wei Liao continued to joke around.

Pudding glanced over at Tang Chuan and then turned to look back at Su Yu. She asked, “Handsome Su, do you think Mommy really treated you like her backup and played you? Tell us the truth. Otherwise, others might continue to use those words to attack Mommy and take advantage of her kindness.”



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