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(Provoking Huo Siqian (3)

“You’re right… Four whole years… it’s been so long that I even wondered if I should come home and disturb her life…”

“Then…” Yang paused again.

“I was paying close attention to the things that were happening here. In the past four years, Mian was still alone and I knew that she wouldn’t accept Su Yu’s love… If what you said came true and she chose to be with Su Yu, I still wouldn’t blame her… After all, I was the one that wasn’t good enough for her so I would turn around and walk away, wishing her the best… I probably wouldn’t come back and rather, just secretly wish her well… not because I am a noble person, but because I love her so much and I don’t want her to feel trapped… I don’t want to put her in a difficult spot… Actually, the biggest regret of my life is not being able to be with her when she was pregnant but I don’t actually regret it because even if I went back in time, I would still do the same… My leg is just one of the reasons it took me so long to come back. If I didn’t defeat my enemies, then my wife and children will always live in fear. I am her husband, and I am my children’s father… I can’t be so weak nor can I take action without thinking about the consequences…”

“President Qin, your love is so deep… It’s a pity how not everyone can understand you… A lot of people just look at how things appear to be on the surface… All they see is how President Su had been by President Huo for four years…” Yang felt sorry for Qin Chu.

“I don’t need the whole world to understand me… In this world, I only need Mian to understand me.”

Qin Chu phrased it like it wasn’t something heavy…

His mentality impressed Yang.

Maybe it was because he worked with Qin Chu for a long time, so he knew how the latter operated.

He knew that Qin Chu didn’t like talking that much, but he always did his best without telling the world.

All these years, Qin Chu had put all of his efforts on Huo Mian…

He was willing to sacrifice his life for her…

Qin Chu was such an incredible character and yet so many people criticized him.

When Qin Chu first disappeared, a nosy individual posted a long article on Weibo.

This article created a huge commotion on the internet and netizens were in huge support of Huo Mian and Su Yu getting together.

They even scolded Qin Chu for leaving Huo Mian and not being responsible…

They didn’t even think about what Qin Chu had to go through…

If Qin Chu wasn’t as calm and smart, he wouldn’t have been able to figure out Huo Siqian’s scheme beforehand, and he would have vanished from this world.

In order to protect his wife, this man had to spend four years in loneliness. A man like that wasn’t weak, and what Qin Chu lived through was something Su Yu probably would never be able to endure.

That was probably why Huo Mian was willing to give her all for such a man… She was willing to wait her own life out, just for the day he returned…

“President Qin, your leg will recover… Don’t worry.”

“I’m not worrying. I’m able to walk just fine now and I’m already grateful for that.” Qin Chu was a rather free spirit and he no longer wanted to force things to happen…

Initially, an accomplished American Orthopaedics doctor had handed him the diagnosis – he was supposed to use a cane to walk the rest of his life.

What happened then? Qin Chu was able to persevere through many complicated operations and endure a lot of pain…

He was willing to try all potential recovery methods…

Four years of rehabilitation may sound simple, but Qin Ning knew how much pain her cousin had to endure.

When the doctor said that his right leg was disabled, Qin Chu’s first reaction wasn’t that his leg was done and he could no longer walk.

Instead, his first reaction was how was he supposed to carry Mian on his back if he was disabled?

His love was one that didn’t need to be said aloud; he used time to prove how much he loved her.

Time would show how a person really was…

Yang admired President Qin’s personality. Qin Chu was still young but yet he had the capacity to be responsible and see the big picture.

He spoiled his wife and he was willing to give the woman he loved everything he had.

How many people in this world could do what he did?

Yang admired Qin Chu and Huo Mian very much. He admired the innocent period they shared together when they were young, how they got to attend school together, skip classes together, and enjoy ramen together.



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