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( The Domineering Sister Duo (8)

Huo Mian couldn’t remember the last time she had a romantic date night with Qin Chu, and she almost forgot how happy she felt during those times.

Such a loving kiss reminded her of her days when she was only a teenage girl.

Huo Mian was now 28 years old and her twins were already three years old. Therefore, she stopped categorizing herself as ‘young’ a long time ago.

Qin Chu, however, was still the only one capable of making her heart beat fast and turn her into one of those hopelessly-in-love girls.

She was certain that no one in this world but Qin Chu would make her feel that way.

Qin Chu and Huo Mian kissing in public were supposed to be normal as plenty of couples displayed PDA on the streets.

Yet, what made the entire situation abnormal was that someone had been following them this entire time.

Huo Siqian never had the chance to approach Huo Mian personally over the past few years but his determination to own her had only intensified.

He watched over Huo Mian’s every move and owned an entire shelf of Huo Mian’s photos.

In the past three years, no matter where Huo Mian was, whether it was at meetings, events, conferences, or just a private night out, Huo Siqian always had his men follow her, and they would take millions of pictures for him.

– In the Huo residence –

Huo Siqian looked very unpleasant when he saw such pictures…

“Boss, do you want us to take action tonight?”

“Are you stupid? If Qin Chu wasn’t well prepared, you think he’d come back? He’s back, which means he’s always on alert… If you take action tonight, do you know how many men we would lose?”

Huo Siqian was a cautious man…

“Yes, Boss, you’re right,”

Huo Siqian’s hands were shaking when he saw these pictures. He couldn’t believe how daring Qin Chu was to kiss Huo Mian in public…

It was as if Qin Chu was stomping on his heart…

Su Yu’s pain was unbearable but he could still show it; Huo Siqian, however, had to hold his pain inside.

He never showered any signs of pain…

“Boss, Ms. Mo is here.”

Huo Siqian immediately put away the pictures into his desk drawer. Then, he stood up straight.

Mo Xue’er came in wearing a sleeveless-midi-dress and a grey leather jacket. She looked elegant as usual.

Mo Xue’er has been onto Huo Siqian all these years but Huo Siqian didn’t even touch her now.

Aside from the occasional hookup session with Jiang Ye, she also made some street friends.

Although they were all from rich families, they were also notorious people.

They weren’t anything compared to Su Yu and Tang Chuan.

Mo Xue’er was a female artist still under Huo Siqian’s company, but Huo Siqian no longer spent any resources on her.

It seemed like he was already disappointed enough in her…

“Siqian… you don’t look that well. How are you feeling?” Mo Xue’er walked over with a smile.

“What are you doing here?”

“I missed you… We’ve known each other for so long, probably longer than some couples out there… You know my feelings for you never changed, right?”

“Ha, do you hear how ridiculous you sound?”

“Haha… I’m just here to see you out of the goodness of my heart. Siqian, you can’t shove me away like that… You know you’re going to be in big trouble since Qin Chu is back… Someone like him isn’t going to let you off the hook easily…”

“So what? Do you think I’m afraid of him? He’s just Qin Chu… If I can make him hide away four years ago, I can do it again.”

“What if Qin Chu and Su Yu worked together?” Mo Xue’er asked with a devious smile.

“You think that’s even on the table? Qin Chu is an arrogant person, and you think he would work together with Su Yu to take on me?” Huo Siqian sneered.


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