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(I Only Want Revenge (6)

“Do as you please…” Huo Mian smiled seductively.

“If so, I am not going to hold back.”

Qin Chu’s eyes filled with mysterious desire.

He then took Huo Mian like a storm.

After the throw of love, Huo Mian felt all her energy leave her so Qin Chu had to carry her back to their bedroom.

He walked slowly due to the injury on his leg. He kept his expression neutral even when his right knee began hurting, as he didn’t want Huo Mian to worry.

– Inside the master bedroom –

Huo Mian felt incredibly relaxed in Qin Chu’s arms.

Qin Chu patiently stroked her loose hair.

“Right, I almost forgot. I got a present for you.”

Huo Mian pulled up a paper bag that was sitting by the bed.

“Present? Why did you get me a present out of nowhere?” Qin Chu asked.

“Because I felt like it, there’s no particular reason.”

“Sweetie, do you want something from me?” Qin Chu teased.


“If you still want it, I don’t mind going for round two…”

“I really have no reason, I wasn’t even thinking about that.” Huo Mian buried her face into the blanket and curled up into a ball.

“Honey, I was just teasing you…” he said as he opened the bag to see an elegantly packaged belt from a luxury brand inside. It was stylish with a black flower pattern adorning the dark leather. It fit Qin Chu’s style perfectly.

“It’s really pretty, I like it. Thank you.”

Qin Chu lowered his head and planted a gentle kiss on Huo Mian’s forehead.

It made Huo Mian melt from the sweetness…

“I’m glad that you like it.”

“Is it a special day today?” Qin Chu asked.


“So why did you get me a present?” Qin Chu was still curious.

“It’s because I heard that giving your partner a belt will tie him to you forever… Qin Chu, I can’t take being separated from you anymore…”

After speaking, Huo Mian buried herself into Qin Chu’s arms, as if she felt very insecure.

Qin Chu felt his chest ache.

He overestimated Huo Mian, no matter how mature and calm she was, she still seemed like a young woman who often felt insecure and scared.

“Honey, I am sorry. I will never leave, unless I really die. Otherwise…” Qin Chu couldn’t finish because Huo Mian had already placed her finger on his lips.

“You can’t say unlucky things like that, you have to live to a hundred years old, we both have to… We’ll be so old that we can’t even walk, and we’ll leave this world together, hand in hand.”

Huo Mian tightly hugged Qin Chu’s waist when she said this, as if she was afraid that Qin Chu might suddenly disappear…

“Mmm, we’ll be together no matter in life or death.”

Qin Chu tightly held Huo Mian and felt love and guilt fill his heart.

“Sweetie, I saw Xixi today.”

“She’s back?”

“Mhm, she’s prettier and more mature than before. She’s still cute though.”


“Sweetie, are you in contact with Rick?” Huo Mian asked.

“Did Xixi ask you to ask me?”

“No, she didn’t even bring it up. I asked about it, and they haven’t contacted each other for three years.”

Huo Mian was hinting at something in her words.

“Rick is doing great, I saw him in the States.”

“So he knows that you’re still alive? He felt so guilty when he thought that he caused your death.”

“Mhm, he was really happy to find out that I am still alive.”

“Why didn’t he come back with you?” Huo Mian questioned.

“Rick, he… He won’t be coming back,” Qin Chu sounded a little sad.

“Why not?” Huo Mian was slightly shocked.



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