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( I Only Want Revenge (2)

“We signed the papers more than a year ago.”

“Where are you staying now?” Huo Mian asked.

“We have a rental house.”

“You didn’t split your assets in the divorce?” Huo Mian was a little surprised.

Huo Yanyan sneered, “He took the very last bit of the money. The house is under his ex-wife’s name, it’s not related to me at all.”

“What about child support?”

“The court told him to give us 1,500 every month, but he claimed that he was broke after three months. He hasn’t given us anything ever since.”

Huo Mian’s face darkened as she cursed, “I couldn’t tell that he was actually such a piece of trash.”

“I couldn’t either, haha. I thought that I had found a nice man who didn’t care about my past, who knew… Maybe it’s fate.”

“You’re working now?” Huo Mian saw that Huo Yanyan was wearing the mall’s uniform.

Huo Yanyan nodded. “I’m selling perfumes in the mall, I earn about three thousand a month. It’s barely enough for me and my daughter.”

“Then… about you and Shen Mingxi…” Huo Mian paused.

“We came in contact just a while ago… You know that I’m not in that social circle anymore, I rarely come into contact with people like you… The Shen Corporation launched a line of feminine care products and perfumes in our mall, and he was doing an inspection when he recognized me. We briefly chatted, and a few days later, his assistant bought quite a bit of perfume from me. I found it weird too… Later, he picked me up after work and asked if I wanted to work at his company instead…”

“Young Master Shen is usually cold towards others…” What Huo Mian meant was that she didn’t believe Huo Yanyan.

Huo Yanyan understood what she meant and explained, “You might find it hard to believe, and at first I thought he mistook me for someone else… After thinking about it, maybe he took pity on me… Maybe he felt pity after learning of my situation and decided to help me out.”

“So you’re working at the Shen Corporation right now?”

“No, I didn’t take the offer. I knew that Wei Ying would kill me if I did. So, I refused Shen Mingxi. I didn’t ask anything of him either. After all, we don’t belong in the same world anymore.”

“If so, why was Wei Ying saying that you seduced her husband?”

Huo Mian had a feeling that something more happened between Huo Yanyan and Shen Mingxi.

“One time, my daughter had a high fever. I was taking her to the hospital in a moped and I happened to hit his car… It was so coincidental… He saw how tense I was and took my daughter and me to the hospital. Some private detective got a photograph of that and sold it to Wei Ying.”

“So that’s what happened, so is anything going on between you and Young Master Shen…”

“There’s nothing between us at all. Just think about it, before I fell from my status, he never even looked me in the face. I am living in poverty now, why would he be interested… Haha, anyways, I am not that dumb. After what I’ve been through, I am not as stupid and narcissistic as before.”

Huo Mian looked at Huo Yanyan and saw how much she changed.

She looked more mature with a hint of melancholy.

“I believe you, but if you continue talking to Young Master Shen, it will work against you. Wei Ying would never let you off, even if all Shen Mingxi feels is sympathy towards you.”

“I know.”

After a moment of silence, Huo Yanyan raised her head, smiled, and said, “What about you? I heard that you had twin girls?”

“Mhm, they’re three.”

“Time passes so quickly, they’re three already. Mian… have you visited Dad at the North Hill Public Cemetery?” Huo Yanyan softly asked.



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