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( Going to Marry Handsome Su When I Grow Up (9)

“Honey, if Professor Lu is my father, then Dr. Lin Ya…”

“Mhm, she’s your birth mother.”

“My god, I’m going crazy here!”

Huo Mian had never fangirled over idols or movie stars, nor did she obsess over world leaders and political figures… When she was studying medicine, however, the one person that she worshipped was Dr. Lin Ya, a renowned Chinese doctor who was the ultimate medical pride of China. Dr. Lin developed various anaphylactic-disease countering drugs and contributed greatly to the world of medicine.

Rumor had it that Dr. Lin disappeared 16 years ago; no one knew where she was, and no one knew if she was still alive.

To Huo Mian, Dr. Lin and Professor Lu were both legends and enigmas. Therefore, Huo Mian found it hard to believe that these people were her parents and that she was related to them by blood.

It was as if he had just told her that she was some Middle-Eastern princess.

“Then… aside from them, do I have any other family members?” Huo Mian asked.

“Yeah, you also have a younger sister.”

“I do?”

“Mhm, do you remember how a couple of years ago, you received a jade calabash on Chinese New Years?”


“It was a gift from her…”

“She knows about me?” Huo Mian asked with excitement.

“Of course, not only does she know about you, she also cares about you and snuck into the city to see you… One time, she even stole your employee ID.”

Huo Mian froze for a second. Then, she suddenly remembered that once, while she worked at South Side, her ID disappeared for some reason. It turned out that her sister stole it from her.

“I have a little sister? Oh my god, I have a little sister?” Huo Mian became emotional when told that she had a sibling.

“Her name is Lu Yan, and she’s only 21 years old. She’s pretty and really… vicious.”

“Vicious?” Huo Mian asked.

“She’s the leader of a world-famous mercenary group, her code name is ‘Second Young Madam.”

“A mercenary group? She’s… a mercenary?”

Qin Chu looked at Huo Mian and explained, “Lu Yan was born in California, and she began living in Hong Kong at the age of three. Because of her talents, at the age of 15, she was accepted by West Point, and she graduated after three years. She and some outstanding classmates formed a mercenary group and accepted jobs from all over the world… She’s worth a couple billion and spends more money than you can ever imagine. Her shooting skills are immaculate, and she’s like an invisible killer…”

“You’re saying that my sister’s a killer?” Huo Mian asked, unwilling to believe that it was the truth.

“Or you can say that she’s used to being chased down and was forced into that lifestyle… You probably don’t know, but Professor Lu’s in a really awkward situation. Because he was framed by some bad guys, the National Security Bureau suspected him of treason, and the FBI’s investigating him as well. He’s also the target of a few terrorist groups, as they want him to develop bioweapons for them to threaten the rest of the world. That’s why your father and sister have been living such a tumultuous life. Being chased by others is normal for them.”

“That’s why they haven’t come looking for me?” Huo Mian asked, finally understanding the situation.

Qin Chu nodded. “Your father probably doesn’t want you to live the life he did, so he would rather not bother you and watch you live a quiet and peaceful life.”

“How are they right now? Where’s my mother?”

“Lu Yan didn’t tell me about Dr. Lin, and I didn’t get to meet Professor Lu, so I’m not sure.”

“You’re saying… that you met my sister?” Huo Mian asked.

“Yeah, I did… Three years ago, your sister’s friend was shot and she came looking for me in Seattle because the operation was really difficult and she needed my help. I went to Russia and performed surgery on her friend, that’s when I met her in Moscow.”

“What does she look like?” Like a curious little girl, Huo Mian asked, barely able to contain her excitement.


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