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( The Domineering Sister Duo (5)

“He has a high fever and we’re still not sure of the cause. They still need to do some tests for a proper diagnosis.”

“Okay, I got it. I’ll go home first and then head to the hospital with Qin Chu and the girls.”

“You guys are coming together?” Jiang Xiaowei was a bit shocked by Huo Mian’s response.

“Pudding and Little Bean are close with Su Yu. If they knew he was sick, they would probably throw a tantrum… I don’t think I should see Su Yu alone right now… The more I see him, the more pain he’d feel, so I might as well bring Qin Chu with me to test out the waters and hopefully, he’ll be able to let go soon.”

“Okay, I understand. I’ll take my son with me too. I’ll see you in a bit.”


Huo Mian drove directly back to South Hill Manor after hanging up.

“Mommy… how was work? I love you.”

Little Bean said in a cute baby voice as she rushed over to greet Huo Mian.

Pudding was holding hands with Qin Chu. She looked at Huo Mian and Little Bean from behind without showing any emotional fluctuations. “Daddy, look at Little Bean. I told you that she was a kiss-ass…”

“She is very good with people. She’s probably scared that your mom would sort things out with you two about this morning…”

“Mommy won’t. Her words are tough but her heart’s soft,” Pudding analyzed.

Qin Chu looked at Pudding lovingly as he thought his older daughter was so much like him that she was definitely his child.

She was always calm and collected, no matter what happened.

“Honey… You’re just in time. We’re about to have dinner.”

“We’ll have to put that off. First, we need to go to the First Hospital,” Huo Mian said. She didn’t even change her shoes.

“What’s the matter?”

“Su Yu’s hospitalized… Apparently, he has a high fever that won’t go down. Xiaowei gave me a call. The Su Family’s all there already, I think we should go over as well.”

“Okay, let’s go.” Qin Chu nodded as he agreed with Huo Mian’s opinion.

He led Pudding over, holding her hand.

Pudding and Little Bean were both rather anxious and worried when they heard that Su Yu was hospitalized.

“Oh my god! Handsome Su is sick?” Little Bean shrieked.

“Mommy. We got to go now, otherwise, we’d be stuck in traffic during rush hour.” You could see the anxiety on Pudding’s face.

The family of four immediately left. Since there was only a limited number of seats in a sports car, Qin Chu drove his Maybach so that everyone could fit, and they headed straight to the First Hospital.

– Outside the VIP patient room –

“Mian… you guys came.” Mrs. Su looked very pale.

“Grandma Su… Don’t be sad. Handsome Su is going to be fine,” Pudding comforted.

“Grandma Su, I’ve missed you. I want a hug.” Little Bean immediately started to use her people-pleaser tactics and tried to get as much love as possible.

Mrs. Su loved the twins so she immediately bent down, showering them with kisses and hugs. She really did love them from the bottom of her heart.

“Mrs. Su, how’s Su Yu?” Huo Mian said worriedly.

“We’re still waiting for the results… He has got me really worried this time; I always thought his body was incredibly healthy, so I’m not sure why this happened…”

Tang Chuan and Wei Liao were downstairs buying water. When they returned, they saw Huo Mian and Qin Chu, which pissed Tang Chuan off.

“Doctor Huo, I don’t think Yu would want to see your big happy family right now, you really shouldn’t stimulate him like this. After all, he only has one life.” Tang Chuan sounded rather sarcastic.

Wei Liao gave him a nudge to remind him not to be too mean.


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