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(I Am Willing to Accompany You in Acting (9)

“Tell him to come in and ask one of the other assistants to make us two cups of coffee.” Su Yu put down his work and stood up.

“Will do.” An nodded.

Wei Liao came in with his car key in hand…

“What’s wrong, Young Master Wei? Don’t tell me you’re here this early to grab a drink with me,” Su Yu said with a smile.

“I definitely didn’t have that in mind… I’ve been crazy busy recently… Wei Yunchu had a fever last night and was hospitalized again. Xiaowei and I barely slept last night taking care of him.”

“What happened to Yunchu?”

“He got the flu… and his fever won’t go down… Right now he’s still at the hospital.”

“It’s not easy raising a child…” Su Yu sighed.

At this time, a female assistant brought in two cups of coffee. Su Yu and Wei Liao sat on the sofa and chatted.

“Where’s Young Master Tang these days? Did he leave the country to pick up girls again?” Su Yu wondered.

“No… His family’s been giving him a headache recently. They’ve been trying to get him to get married, he doesn’t have the time to come out… His dad took away all five of his cars and froze his bank account.”

“Wow… They are serious… Young Master Tang sure lives an exciting life.” Su Yu smiled.

“What about you?” Wei Liao looked at Su Yu and asked.

“What do you mean?” Su Yu pretended to be clueless.

“What do you think I mean?” Wei Liao gave him a supercilious look.

“You’re talking about my relationship?”


“There’s nothing worth saying. Don’t you know me after all these years?” Su Yu smiled and leaned back heavily on his sofa.

“You are so right. I really don’t know you after all these years… What in the world is going on in that brain of yours? What’s going on with you and Jian Tong? I know you needed cannon fodder, but you still shouldn’t have asked her.” Wei Liao was a little angry.

“Isn’t it good to use my own employee? I don’t have the time to look for someone new and coax them into dating me.”

“You did this so Huo Mian would stop feeling guilty and be able to live happily ever after with her family, didn’t you?”

Su Yu was silent for a while…

Then, he quietly said, “Yes.”

Wei Liao became very angry. “That’s ridiculous. How can you sacrifice your own happiness just to make her happy”

Su Yu licked his dry and cracked lips and looked up sadly at Wei Liao.

“From the moment I lost her… I lost the right to be happy.”

Wei Liao was shocked, as he didn’t seem to expect Su Yu to say this.

“No… I can’t say that I lost her… I never even had her, haha, I’m an idiot.” Su Yu smiled bitterly.

“I don’t want to talk you out of your feelings for Huo Mian anymore. I was there when you fell for her, bit by bit, but I never stopped you. You’re my friend, so I hate seeing you like this. Huo Mian went from being a nurse at South Side to being a doctor, she got married and had children… it’s been years, and not only are you refusing to wake up, but you’ve also sunk deeper and deeper into her spell. Back then, when I thought Qin Chu had really died, I really thought Huo Mian might agree to date you out of gratitude. The fact that he came back was really brutal for you, but think about it… Life itself is brutal. You’re jealous of how much Huo Mian loves Qin Chu, but Qin Chu’s jealous that you got to be with Huo Mian during her pregnancy…”

“Indeed… Qin Chu is always burdened with countless concerns, making him helpless. He loves Mian so much, but they wasted 11 years when they could’ve been together. If I were him, I’d rather die than be apart from Mian for even a year,” Su Yu sighed.

“How can one man be the same as another? We can’t say that Qin Chu doesn’t love deeply enough because he’s a quiet man. There are so many ties between them – they’ve been together ever since high school. I think that kind of feeling has gone far beyond the feelings of ordinary men and women. It has become an inseparable affection. In a situation like this, you were losing from the start… So, you should have had no future expectations.”

“You’re right. I should… not have fantasized about being with Mian, and I can only blame myself for this situation I’m in. I’ve never blamed Huo Mian, but… I just can’t convince myself to give up. Wei Liao, what should I do? Sometimes I feel like… the pain in my heart will kill me.” Su Yu lowered his head and covered his chest with one hand, feeling his heart aching faintly.



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