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(Your Daughters are Mobsters (6)

If Lu Yan remembered right, the last time she saw Ian was about two years ago when she was cornered by his people in Florida.

It was a dangerous encounter but Qiao Fei managed to arrive on time and save her.

Since then, she hid from Ian like a mouse from a cat; she knew that the man meant trouble. He was more than just a ‘bad’ person – he was the head of the most powerful terrorist organization on Earth, whose aspiration was to destroy the world…

For some reason, this extremely perverted and psychotic man was hopelessly obsessed with Lu Yan.

Ian was in his early thirties, not much older than Huo Mian. He was born into a German aristocrat family and therefore had stunningly good looks.

He was 100% Caucasian, with dark-red hair and navy-blue eyes that shone with a dark glare… He had a really cute smile, enabling him to deceive others, subsequently hiding his murderous and bloodthirsty personality.

Ian liked dressing up as a godfather, so he often showed up wearing a creepy black robe. One might think that he was a Christian, but he was actually a Satanist, and even the cross he wore on his neck was upside down.

Ian had been chasing after Lu Yan and Professor Lu for a long time. He originally wanted to kidnap the latter’s daughter first to threaten Professor Lu into working for him.


Professor Lu had an older daughter that went missing in China years ago, and he still hadn’t found her. After finding out that even someone as well-connected as Huo Siqian couldn’t find her, Ian basically gave up.

Lu Yan, on the other hand, was extremely hard to kidnap and wracked every nerve in Ian’s brain. Usually, she would be gone by the time he found out where she was.

Therefore, this time Ian set up a trap – he bribed the man who was contracting Lu Yan and tricked her into coming to Brazil.

Finally, he found her…

“Boss, you go first, I’ll cover.” Her subordinate took out his gun and nervously pointed it at Ian.

“Neither of us can go,” Lu Yan said, extremely calm. She scanned the room; there were at least twenty snipers hidden in every corner of the building.

Two dozen red dots hovered over her body, and it was terrifying to just look at this scene.

“Yan, come with me to Berlin, what do you think?” Ian tilted his head and smiled at Lu Yan.

“Sure, I’ve been wanting to visit Germany. Let’s go, I like your idea.” Then, Lu Yan strutted out the door, as if she had admitted defeat.

“Boss, I’m sorry, we miscalculated…” her subordinate said, feeling guilty.

“It’s not your fault, I’m sure Ian’s been planning this for a while now. He won’t kill me, let’s make lemonade out of this.”

Lu Yan was a smart girl; she knew she was at a disadvantage, so she would never run away and leave her people to die. She wasn’t the heartless type to be able to cast them aside…

– Ten minutes later –

Lu Yan and her people were taken abroad in Ian’s private jet.

“Yan… I like being with you, face to face. You’re beautiful when you’re not speaking,” Ian said in fluent German.

Lu Yan didn’t reply; she looked down and filed her nails, completely placing Ian in disregard. This was something no one else had the guts to do…

To Ian’s lackies, she might seem completely disobedient, but Ian particularly loved how fearless Lu Yan was.

“Ian, I’m thirsty, may I have some red wine?”


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