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(Going to Marry Handsome Su When I Grow Up (8)

“That day, Rick made me board the plane at around midnight. Lino arranged for the plane, and the crew onboard was his as well. In the beginning, I didn’t suspect a thing. But after the plane took off, one of the bodyguards handed me a glass of water. The water looked fine, but you know how medical practitioners like us are sensitive to scents, right? I smelled a faint perfume scent in the water and felt like something was wrong, so I only pretended to drink the water and act like I had passed out. Then, I heard two of them talk to each other and found out that Huo Siqian had bought them off. They were going to hijack the plane and kill me, but I found out before they could do anything. While I tried to fight them off, we broke one of the parts on the plane, and when it began crashing, I grabbed a parachute and jumped, but below me was the sea. I floated for a really long time before I finally reached the shore. During this process, my right kneecap got stuck on a coral reef and I was severely injured. I ended up staying at a fisherman’s home, and because they didn’t have advanced medical equipment, there was a delay in treatment. I left after three days in that fishing village. Back then, a lot of people were looking for me, so I couldn’t contact you… Huo Siqian wasn’t about to let me go without killing me first. In the end, I went to Seattle to hide from his people.”

“So aside from your knee injury, the other reason you didn’t come back was that you were investigating Huo Siqian’s foreign powers?”


“Did you find anything?” Huo Mian asked curiously.

“I did, I found a lot of important information… Huo Siqian was arrogant for a reason. But the good news is, I figured things out, and the best way to defeat your enemy is to get to know them, right? From now on, I’ll never let him hurt anyone in our family. Huo Siqian isn’t the big gun anyways, and he’s not the person I’m worried about.”

“Who are you worried about then?”


“Who’s Ian?” Huo Mian asked, confused.

“It’s interesting, actually, you and Ian kind of go way back…” Qin Chu said as glanced at Huo Mian.

“We do?” Huo Mian had no idea what Qin Chu was talking about.

“It has to do with your real family…” Qin Chu said, gently caressing Huo Mian’s beautiful hair. “Four years ago, when I was arrested by the police, I wanted to tell you about your real family, but had no idea that we would be separated for four whole years.”

“It’s fine, now’s not too late. I’ve been waiting to hear it from you,” Huo Mian responded, tightly grabbing onto Qin Chu’s hand and coyishly leaning against his chest.

“Mian, your father is Professor Lu Zhiwen.”

“Lu Zhiwen, don’t tell me he’s…” Huo Mian looked up in complete shock, and Qin Chu seemed to know what she was going to say. “Yes, that’s him.”

“The chemistry genius, the old man who refused to accept a Nobel Prize in chemistry, apparently the best chemist the world had seen in a century… That guy? He’s my dad?”

Although Huo Mian had never studied abroad, her passion for chemistry had led her to read countless papers and textbooks published by Professor Lu. Therefore, she was familiar with this name and always considered him to be a God-like existence.

He was supposed to be unreachable, but according to Qin Chu, this man was her father?

Holy crap!

If Qin Chu wasn’t the one who told her this, she would be in complete disbelief. However, he never lied to her and moreover, he would never joke about something of this magnitude…



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