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( Scandal of the Huo Corporation (3)

Pudding couldn’t take it any longer. She put down her spoon and said, “Qin Mumu, where are your brains? Why would you ask Daddy such a stupid question… It’s destiny that decides who likes who… It has nothing to do with your looks. Mommy isn’t pretty nor gentle, but she is charismatic… This is the most attractive trait in a woman… It’s a bad move to use your looks to seduce men… Plus, Daddy isn’t a superficial man…”

“Oh my god, Sis… Don’t use the stupid talks you learned from television and magazines to fool me… You may fool Handsome Su, Uncle Wei, and the others, but you can’t fool me. After all, you’re always going by theory and copying whatever other people say… To me, you aren’t convincing at all. I want to hear it from Daddy.”

Pudding was speechless.

For the first time, she didn’t know how to rebut Little Bean, because the latter was right.

Pudding was always using words that she heard from other adults, rather than those that came out of her own head. She learned most of what she said from Huo Mian, television, and books.

However, there were a lot of words she didn’t know yet so she had to look it up and see how it sounded to understand.

If you put it that way, Pudding wasn’t as much of a genius as people thought. But she did have a great memory and fast reflexes.

“Okay, you two, don’t argue. Daddy will answer your question, alright?.”

Whenever Qin Chu saw his daughters arguing, he would feel rather complicated.

Little Bean looked up and looked at him with eyes full of anticipation.

“In fact, feeling is a rather magical thing. It doesn’t wait until you are ready… Many times, they come at the least expected moments. I first saw your mommy on television. I had a weird feeling… that this woman would become my wife in the future…”

“Wow… Daddy, you’re indeed a domineering CEO.” Little Bean immediately began sucking up to her daddy and clapped.

After Little Bean’s rebuttal, Pudding had no aura at all now. She just sat at the side silently because she had just experienced great shock.

“I’ve heard you two can be quite domineering too… You bully Wei Chuyun and Gao Boyuan often?”

Huo Mian had already told Qin Chu what the twins usually did to the young boys, and the thought of that made him want to laugh.

These two were not only bullying Wei Yunchu, who was a few months older than them, but also Gao Boyuan, who was a shy boy who didn’t even know how to talk yet.

When Gao Ran’s son saw them, he would get so scared that he would run away in his diapers.

Wei Chuyun would often be pushed to a corner and be forced to answer the one question that gave him nightmares – Who was prettier, Pudding or Little Bean?

These scenes seemed dramatic just at the thought of them…

“We don’t bully them. We are very loving people. We’re just taking care of our brothers,” Little Bean explained while giggling.

“Were you really taking care of them?” Qin Chu asked with a smile.

“Sometimes… But we like playing with them… It really isn’t bullying… After all, we’re all really close, so we don’t want to make the situation awkward for everyone… We would never make things hard for Mommy…” Little Bean continued to smile wickedly.

Qin Chu turned to look at Pudding, who still wore a sad expression on her face.

He held her up and put her on his legs.

“Pudding, you don’t need to mind Little Bean’s words too much… You both are my lovely and smart daughters.”

“Dad… are we geniuses?”

Qin Chu didn’t expect his daughter to ask such a question, and he was momentarily stunned.

“We’ve been called geniuses since we were born so I want to prove that I am a genius… I heard Mommy’s IQ is high and you learn everything really fast… We don’t want to tarnish your names nor do we want people to say we aren’t as good as you two…”

“Pudding, you’re overthinking… This isn’t something you should think about at your age. You two just need to be happy and safe. Mommy and I don’t care if you’re geniuses or not. All we care about is the fact that you’re our daughters and you are all living a happy and safe life.”

Qin Chu’s words moved his daughters so much that they started to get teary.

At this moment, Huo Mian walked downstairs with a serious expression on her face. “Honey…”

Qin Chu carefully put down Pudding and walked over…

Huo Mian held up her phone to Qin Chu. She had the news page up and said, “Look at what happened, this is huge.”


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